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Image from the FIMFiction story

MLP: TCR is a My Little Pony fanfiction written by Lord Willmo on It follows the story of Ghost accidentally sending himself to Equestria via cans.wav. During his stay, he turns into a pony. The story is supposed to take place just before and during the 3rd season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, starting at the moment when Ghost stopped airing the show (May 15th, 2012).


The description on FIMFiction is as follows:

Ghost, from True Capitalist Radio, wonders why none of his regular trolls are calling in. Then he finds out why, and throws the microphone so hard that it rips a hole in space and time. Ghost and his radio station are sucked in.
When he comes to, he finds himself in the magical land of Equestria. Unfortunately, he can't seem to find a way out. However, his radio still works, so the regular callers can still contact him and get help.
Will the trolls save Ghost? Or will Ghost eventually become a brony?


At the start of the story, Asho, Tubguy, Tri$ha, Xarahox, Horny the Clown, Nikolai, Tzeki and some troll terrorists arrive outside Ghost's studio and sing a rendition of 'Happy Birthday' to him, directly leading to his arrival in Equestria. The Suck Mah Dick Guy and Ghetto Capitalist are also there, trolling him over the phone.

Additionally, DJPenguin, Tina, Brink0War, Tzeki, Xarahox, a Thomas The Tank Engine fan, the Illuminati Guy, KneeSlappington, Tubguy, Debi Daly, the Suck Mah Dick Guy and Fulsy the organist all call up during Ghost's time in Equestria.

It was revealed in a comment that every Twitter name and most Radio Graffiti calls were taken straight from DarkRazorZ's videos.


The fanfiction has had relatively positive feedback, with 60 upvotes as of September, 2014. One reader, who supposedly 'started the whole pony voices thing' even decided to send the story to Asho and PranksterPinkiePie.