Maury Povich

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The Maury Show is an American tabloid show that is known to cover outrageous material. Hosted by Maury Povich, the episode headlines frequently have titles relating to teenagers having gratuitous amounts of sex, teen pregnancy and fights over paternity.

The Jerry Springer show is similar and covers many of the same topics, though also including frequent appearances from the KKK.

The Maury and Jerry shows are prime examples of Junkyard America. For example, Dunlop145 on Episode 226 called in with a clip from presumably the Maury Povich show about a 14-year-old girl who had sex with multiple guys for money. Ghost reacted in genuine disgust and rage at what these shows are contributing towards Junkyard America.

Ghost finds these shows disgusting and, since the Return towards the end of April 2016, has been trolled frequently with callers playing dramatic clips from these shows, often featuring EBT, paternity tests and teenage sex problems as well as children as young as 7 displaying miscreant behavior, including drinking excessively and smoking weed.