May 2012 Twitter hacking incident

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Ghost's Twitter account after the initial hack.

The May 2012 Twitter hacking incident began on May 22, 2012, when a hacker broke into Ghost's Twitter account (@ghostpolitics), changed the background, and posted a message falsely declaring Ghost's love for My Little Pony.

Investigation and alternate account

@ghostpolitics as of May 24th.

I've already contacted Twitter HQ. The ISP of the perpetrator comes from Canada! You dun goof'd, Celtic! #CelticPizzaParty


Ghost temporarily regained control of the account, reportedly contacting the Twitter authorities and confirming that the IP address responsible for the hack came from Canada. Suspicion was immediately cast on CelticBrony, who was responsible for a similar event in the recent past.

Ultimately, Ghost's efforts to control the old Twitter account were not successful. The hacker posted a link to a pornographic image of one of the My Little Pony characters within twenty minutes. Though @CelticBrony himself has denied any involvement in the hacking incident, the person in control of @ghostpolitics:

  1. Changed its profile message to "I SUCK CELTICBRONY'S COCK,"
  2. Used CelticBrony's old avatar as a background image, and
  3. Posted a message denying that he/she was doxed (presumably referring to the counterattack on CelticBrony during Troll War III.)

As of May 24, 2012, the @ghostpolitics account was still outside of Ghost's control, with Ghost posting his tweets from a backup account.

Look man, it doesn't matter who it was that hacked my old account. You can keep it, I'm done with it.


Around the same time as the hacking incident, DarkRazorZ's MeltingPotOfFriendship Facebook fan-page went down for several hours. When asked why, DarkRazorZ said that he had closed it. He reopened it shortly after the whole incident ended.

Hiatus of the Broadcast

From @ghost_politics, Ghost posted one message stating that he was officially ending TCR forever and another thanking DarkRazorZ for his efforts to spread the show's popularity over the past few months.

Ghost made similar announcements in the past about ending the broadcast, but this was his longest 'break' so far, extending for almost four years. Due to later events, many believed the chances of TCR being revived was close to nothing. Ghost stated that he was in ill health, and does not wish to waste his time or exude any more energy with an audience that does not listen to his intellectual messages, and only craves his anger. Needless to say, he continued to plug the old BlogTalkRadio link on his backup account, and still posted daily on newsworthy events. This continued until the Gh0stP0litics doxing incident, where it was confirmed that Ghost had lost control of all of his known social media accounts, until three years later when he made his Emergency Broadcast.