May 2022 Hiatus

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Ghost's May 2022 Hiatus was a hiatus that started after airing of Episode 286 of The Ghost Show on May 3, 2022 and ended on May 24, 2022 with the airing of 287th episode of The Ghost Show.

Twitter Addiction, Bad Wings and Empty Promises

After Episode 286 of TGS aired on May 3, 2022, Ghost posted on Twitter of straining his voice on Episode 286. With Ghost deciding to skip a potential May 5 Cinco de Mayo episode of TGS. Ghost then promised to do a Anti-Mother's Day episode of TGS on May 8. This episode would not air due to Ghost announcing that he ate chicken wings after taking out the trash and not washing his hands. Causing Ghost to miss the potential Anti-Mother's Day episode of TGS on May 8. Ghost later advertised on his tweet of Inner Circle slots on On May 10, Ghost posted on his Twitter account of deciding to take the potential Tuesday show to celebrate with the Inner Circle of all of his prognostications. While again linking his advertisement of Inner Circle slots. While again promising to do a show on May 12 with the first hour of TGS dedicated to Radio Graffiti. Ghost later posted on May 12 of a similar tweet from May 10, this time with Ghost lashing out at his audience of being disrespected. While adding to go watch Anime instead and called his audience "manchild POS". Ghost later replied to someone on Twitter of potentially doing a Friday the 13th episode on May 13, but only if Ghost got respect from his market predictions. There would be no announcement or airing of a Friday the 13th episode of TGS on May 13. By then, many of Ghost's audience was enraged over these many broken promises and noticing Ghost's frequent refusal to do any episode of both TGS and soft reboot of True Capitalist Radio. On May 17, someone replied to Ghost's Twitter account if he has given up on streaming TGS and TCR and commenting on Twitter. Ghost replied, "No. I'll be streaming and doing TCR very soon. It just takes time to orchestrate world events". Ghost later added to his promise on May 19, stating that he would do live shows soon. While also bashing anyone who had "buy the dip mentality and utter stupidity" and the subreddit WallStreetBets. Ghost would not do a show on May 19. Leaving it unknown when Ghost will do another episode of TGS or TCR. With many of Ghost's audience wondering if Ghost has decided to cancel both TCR and TGS to just post often on Twitter instead. However on May 22, Ghost tweeted "I know People have been waiting for a LIVE show, and I appreciate your patience. I will officially come back this Tuesday Night 8:30(ish)pm CST. For those who I owe videos to, they will be first on Tuesday's show. Cheers to all! ~Ghost". Whether Ghost will follow through on his intention of returning on May 24 remains to be seen due to his unusual Twitter activity since his last show and repeatedly demanding the trolls to give him the respect he "damn well deserves" even though he STILL doesn't understand that respect is earned and not given.

Heavy Weather and The Wizard of Oz

On May 24, 2022, It seemed like Ghost was going to use an excuse of overnight thunderstorms hitting San Antonio. However, a troll named Dang_Laddy replied with a video of The Wizard of Oz with Ghost in place of the Wicked Witch of the West. This caused Ghost to change his mind and air the 287th episode of The Ghost Show, ending the hiatus.