May 2023 Hiatus

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Ghost's May 2023 Hiatus was a hiatus that started after the airing of Episode 339 of The Ghost Show on May 4, 2023 and ended on June 26, 2023 with the schedule change of True Capitalist Radio, leading to The Ghost Show's cancellation.

Ghost's Sickness and Rambles

After the airing of Episode 339 of TGS, Ghost allegedly started to fall ill, with Ghost coughing and having mucus. However, despite his claims of being sick, Ghost was still able to post more articles on and aired many episodes of True Capitalist Radio. Leading to many skeptics believing Ghost is bluffing. Choosing to instead do serious shows of TCR and making more posts on Instead of airing any new episode of The Ghost Show.

Al Chappers and TCR Takes over TGS

Around the early summer of 2023, Ghost also was confirmed to have had tons of drama involving Thunderdome members Al Chappers and DJ Launchpad, with many addressing that they were pedophiles. Which caused Ghost to be pelted with many donations on TCR mentioning the drama. Eventually Ghost later reprimanded DJ Launchpad and Al Chappers. Ghost also started to do more TCR episodes and replaced TGS entirely after Ghost started a schedule change of True Capitalist Radio on Capitalist Episode 707. With Ghost declaring that TCR will now air on Mondays to Fridays. Ending The Ghost Show and the hiatus.