Mid-Show Splices

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"I JUST FREAKIN' SAID THAT!" -Ghost whenever a Mid-Show Splice or Remix is played.

Mid-Show Splices are simply splices that utilize Ghost's voice-clips from the same show they're presented in during Radio Graffiti. These types of splices, if done correctly, can elicit a major reaction out of Ghost, as he sees this commonly used trolling tactic as extremely 'Internet Buttstalker-esque'.

It typically goes, the newer the voice-clip is, the more Ghost is disturbed/baffled at how quickly trolls are able to twist his words. The two biggest examples of extremely fast splicing equating to an extreme rage from Ghost come from here and here, the latter overlapping with the Cartoon Ghost trolling tactic. remixes that put these clips to music were formerly known as 'speed remixes'.

Due to the difficulty of twisting Ghost's words creatively on short notice, mid-show splices instead usually just remix Ghost with random songs, or slow his voice down to sound "like half a 'tard", and several of them used to overlap with the Daniel Bryan Splices until these became so overused the community was universally repulsed by it. Some of these are quotes that have actually been used in the past though also things Ghost more recently said, still eliciting butthurt despite the discrepancy.

Due to the format of The Ghost Show which allows donators to interrupt the show at any time including Radio Graffiti with TTS, making splices that will only work for one night is now considered a waste of effort as it's unlikely that Radio Graffiti will last long enough for anyone to play it.

Currently the fastest known Mid-Show Splice record is held by Boat073 at mere 10 seconds after ghost finished his previous call in Capitalist Episode 481.