Mike Pence

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Mike Pence (usually jokingly referred to by Ghost and members of /pol/ as Mike "Pray the Gay Away" Pence) is the former 48th Vice President of the United States serving under Donald Trump and former governor of Indiana. Before Pence was picked as VP, Ghost was worried Trump would pick Sarah Palin. When Trump picked Pence as Vice President, Ghost worried he would be an idiot like Dan Quayle. Ghost quickly grew to like Pence after seeing his speech in the 2016 Republican National Convention and called him a true conservative the likes of which he would have loved to vote in the earlier days of his show.

Since Trump's Inauguration, Ghost has occasionally been suspicious of Pence's true intentions and even went as far as to claim that he was working with the Deep State to oust Trump from office. Currently he seems to support Pence though, and he has defended him as a 'God fearing man' when trolls have tried to make fun of his anti-homosexual agenda.

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