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True Capitalist Radio, and more recently, The Ghost Show had a long list of trolls that called into its broadcast all the way back from 2010. Some were great, and others were not so good. This page details those trolls who made a smaller contribution than that of the more famous trolls, whether it be during Radio Graffiti or from their own video uploads that Ghost became annoyed with them.

Please create a brand new page for anyone on this list whose description goes beyond two paragraphs.

Note that many trolls use numerous FreeConferenceCall (previously Skype) names, and sometimes call with two or even three per show to play multiple sound files. Thus, one supposed 'audio troll' may actually be the exact same person as another one.

Below is a list of active callers. If you are looking for a list of former callers, see Former Minor Trolls

American Game Master

American Game Master is a troll that has refused to use the TTS system, having promised to not give ghost a single cent, his first two calls involved Ghost and Tony in Tell Me Lies splices, before dropping them in favor of flavors of the week. He has done the following:

  • Ghost shoots MLK 2019 (done in two parts)
  • Racist splices (until February)
  • 'Ghost is a rip off of/is Alex Jones' splices
  • an Alex Jones impersonation
  • Called out TTS trolls
  • Served as a Queue for a few trolls, though he will never mention his involvement, letting those trolls take full credit because all AGM does is play the splices.
  • Interestingly inspired the $12 donations of linking Ghost to his own LIVE broadcasts (which surprisingly, said inspiration came from a failed call)
  • Called out AsrielKekker as a failtroll, and the TTS trolls as well, in a splice which caused Ghost to ragequit afterwards.

It is unknown what American Game Master will do on Radio Graffiti next, Best keep an ear out for him


Ardhamon is a return-era troll who became active during The Ghost Show-era. He is known to troll ghost via Text-to-Speech & video donations, and is also one of the voices behind Germit The Gay Frog. Occasionally, he will also call in on Radio Graffiti.

Kit Lemonfoot / Кит Лемонфут

Kit Lemonfoot's icon used for True Capitalist Radio. His original icon is an image of Villager from Super Smash Bros. with black glitchy squares covering the eyes and mouth.

A Return-era troll who grew to more popularity as a The Ghost Show-era troll, Kit Lemonfoot, or potentially better known in Cyrillic as Кит Лемонфут (Kyt Lyemonfut), is a TTS troll who rarely donates into the show. Due to Ghost's aversion to foreign donations, Kit runs his donation text through DeepL's Russian translator, prompting Ghost to rant about "talking to him in American." From his donations, he has been confirmed to be both a member of The Outer Circle and an acquaintance of Jackler.

He has claimed to be the owner of several Twitter Shoutouts names from the Return era of the show, including "I Turn Hands Into Food" and "Ghost's Finger Food" from Episode 333, however this is unconfirmed.


Nightprowler is a return splicer who is known for making perverted and sexual splices, and has also made a couple Cartoon Ghost calls. He has also collaborated with other trolls, mainly 8Equal/Spermy Ghostini.


Petisss is a The Ghost Show-era troll who first began trolling in August 2019. While he rarely donates, he is known for his splices on Radio Graffiti, which usually tend to cause massive rage from Ghost, and his artwork on the forum.

Pet Mexican

The Pet Mexican is a caller, splicer, and troll from both before and after the Break. His character began after Ghost decided that he needed a "pet Mexican" after moving from Austin and no longer having Conseula around to clean his office for him. Before the break, the Pet Mexican often had conversations with Ghost, sometimes in Spanish. After the break, he has done considerably more splices as opposed to using his character, causing Ghost to start hating the Pet Mexican for betraying him constantly.

One of his most notable calls was at the end of Episode 561, where he admitted to being a brony to Ghost. As of The Ghost Show, he has kept a low profile. Occasionally, he will troll Ghost asking for donations to play his video donations, usually donating only $3-$5, leaving it up to other viewers to contribute the rest for his videos to be played.

Professor Raptor

Pro. Raptors icon

Professor Raptor, is a Ghost forums troll that usually trolled through fan art but later started to troll people out that were autistic, bronies, etc in late November. He's known for the DOC movement and trolling RMaster during the beginning of February 2020. His first appearance was on The Ghost Show Episode 106 On forum shoutouts.

Professor Raptor posted from October 10, 2019 until March 30, 2020 when the forums were shut down eventually. Also created the TGS Community server before the forums had shut down. And is usually blamed for the shutdown of the forum page.


A The Ghost Show-era troll, Zed_Commander is mostly known for calling in the splices and remixes of other people using area codes 352 and 614 similar to Scarlet Moon's former queue, such as thisissparta and Serious Samsung. However, he has also made several of his own splices and remixes, and has directly collaborated with thisissparta789789 as well on a few splices and remixes. He assisted J-Man with script-writing and editing when he did the voice of Germit the Gay Frog. Zed was one of the first trolls to successfully use free conference calls to play splices enabling the use of names for when ghost calls on someone. In episode 60 of the ghost show Zed made the debut of a character of himself as a news anchor reporting on ghost rampaging through the downtown, this received positive reception. Due to how late ghost broadcasts and a general lack of quality on radio graffiti zed has retired his name for the most part but continues to splice anonymously.