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There are many TCR related channels on YouTube that haven't gained as much popularity or achieved as much notoriety within the community as DarkRazorZ, Elfoxoloco, TheBronyNetwork, Lightning Note, bmar896 or InsaneEnergy but have nonetheless contributed to the TCR community by documenting Radio Graffiti, Twitter Shoutouts and other notable events throughout TCR history. This page is meant to catalog these channels and give them some more visibility.


For a channel to be added to this page, following criteria must be met:

  • Channel has more than 10 videos relating to True Capitalist Radio.
  • Said videos must be something other than just the uploader's own trolling material and calls.

Active Channels

TCR Archive

Active since May 2016

Channel is dedicated to uploading entire episodes over to YouTube for those people who prefer not to use Blog Talk Radio's buggy service and to preserve these episodes in case Ghost's content gets taken down under BTR's new management, or if Ghost himself ever decides to close the BTR page down.

Inactive Channels

CruelVids - The Truth Will Set You Free!

Active: April 2016 - December 2017

This channel mainly focuses on Conspiracy Theories that Ghost has covered on his broadcasts, but also features other rants by Ghost as well as compressed versions of some TCR episodes with Radio Graffiti and Shoutout sections cut off.


Active: January - February 2012

Channel that mainly focused on documenting the early history of True Conservative Radio.


Active: January 2012 - July 2016

Channel that mainly focused on uploading random Radio Graffiti calls.


Active: March 2009 - January 2018

Main article: Poop Tickler

One of the earliest trolls in TCR history who participated in the original "4chan trolls Ghost" raids organized in /b/ during True Conservative Radio days. His channel contains some of the first TCR related YouTube videos in history.


Active: December 2012 - April 2014

Channel that mainly focused on random calls, episodes and radio graffiti from 2011-2012 era.


Active: June 2014-November 2018

As the name implies, this channel was mainly focused on archiving old splices and remixes from 2011-2012 era that have been lost since their uploaders have left YouTube. After Ghost's return, the channel's focus was shifted into archiving the channel owner's own trolling content.

Television's Doremy Sweet/True Capitalist Radio 2016 Highlight Archive

Active: March 2016-September 2017

Uploader who mainly focuses on notable moments in post-return TCR episodes. Channel additionally uploads some of the said trolls own works. Doremy Sweet has moved on to other projects beginning in 2017, but still occasionally uploads TCR related content. On September 14th, 2017 the channel name was changed to True Capitalist Radio 2016 Highlight Archive and the channel owner announced that he was going to dedicate the channel to TCR related content and move all his Touhou content to a different channel. He also stated that he might make a comeback if Ghost was to return one day.

Steven Stinkyverse

Active: February 2019-December 2019

Channel mainly focused on uploading Radio Graffiti and Shoutout content from The Ghost Show, but also contained a few videos of Ghost's shenanigans on other parts of the show.

He frequently ran afoul of censorship and bans on YouTube, and began to reupload his content on BitChute. His YouTube account was terminated in January 2020 due to it violating YouTube's terms of service.

Cans Abuser

Active since July 2019

Provided an 18+ (age-restricted) livestream relay of The Ghost Show & Saturday Night Troll Show. Has since stopped uploading ghost related content after a fallout between him and other members of the community.

Jackler (via The Ghost Show Relay)

Active since August 2019

Provided a low-latency livestream relay of The Ghost Show. Has not uploaded Ghost content in over a year after a fallout with the community.