Money, Success, Fame, Glamour

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Money, Success, Fame, Glamour is the title of a song that was frequently played during the show's 2011-12 run by Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. Ghost often played the song on Fruitbowl Wednesday and for bronies, since he assumed that they are all closet homosexuals.

As the song plays, Ghost often sings along to it with the original lyrics or simply chants "Shante." He has been known to play Money, Success, Fame, Glamour for callers with a feminine vernacular in order to encourage them to come out of the closet. As with all the "gay music" he plays, he also frequently shouts "They're fruitin' up!" in the background of the song, as well.

Because of the frequency with which Ghost played the song during the first run of True Capitalist Radio, there have been many remixes and splices made.

As of The Return, this song was virtually nonexistent on Ghost's show. It was likely dropped due to Ghost playing the song without the artist's permission because it wasn't a royalty-free song. It, and a few other songs that he played were replaced by an instrumental version of The Girl from Ipanema. The song saw a short return to glory in Episode 335 when a Nickelback splice of the song was played in the show. It remained the only known time this song has been referenced.

As of The Ghost Show, it made its return after being absent for several years. This time around, trolls have started using this song against Ghost, causing cans.wav via stream shares.