Mr. Optimism

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Mr. Optimism is a sporadically appearing character in True Capitalist Radio.

When in this character, Ghost covers news stories in an overtly idealistic way, with a fruity voice. He reads stories of tragedies and pretends to see the "good side" of them. For example, he attempts to explain the reason why the trolls call up his show and forgives them for it, claiming that it is not their fault that they were raised that way. A much darker side of Mr. Optimism is his support for internet censorship. In one episode, he fully embraced the idea of censoring the internet and turning it into an optimistic safe space devoid of all criticism and harsh language.


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Ghost played Mr. Optimism two times during 2012 and the character has made occasional appearances after The Return:

  • During Episode 198 of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast, a caller told him ..."I think you really need to stop fear-mongering." He then compared Ghost to Alex Jones, upon which Ghost began True Optimist Radio, lasting nearly 20 minutes. Many callers were astounded at the calamity being projected on the show, and even thought that Mr. Optimistic was a different person. Splicers and a Fuck You Texas ear-rape attempted to dissuade the peace, but Ghost handily turned them down without a nudge of annoyance - showcasing that he is in fact faking his rage most of the time, or simply choosing not to keep calm.
  • In Episode 220 77 minutes into the broadcast, True Optimist Radio started after a caller recommended Ghost to just "smile, smile, smile at his rage". This segment was not as prominent, as he only took two callers, and mostly discussed what he was talking about before, albeit with the sleepy demeanor of Mr. Optimistic.
  • Mr. Optimistic returned on Episode 259 after Ghost complained that he was being too negative in regards to world affairs going on at the time. Aside from one caller who played along with the impersonation, the majority were Helen Keller Deaf Mutes and Ghost ended the segment less than 10 minutes after it began.