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Music is a form of audio-art that relies on rhythm and patterns. Music is widely varied and sounds vastly different depending on the insturments used, the genre played, the pitch, the texture and the speed of playing. The music of True Capitalist Radio falls into several catagories.

Remixes for True Capitalist Radio

One of the most common forms of trolling is to make remixes of Ghost singing or saying something, usually with the original song, for example, Ghost sings a Wu-Tang Clan song, and the next show someone plays his voice mixed with that same Wu-Tang Clan Song.

There is a full article on remixes, as well as a growing List of Remixes.

Original Songs about True Capitalist Radio

See Electric Fence Studios

An individual once rapped a verse about True Capitalist Radio to Ghost during a Radio Graffiti in September 2011. He was not amused at the freestyle, and decided it was 'fruity'.

Songs Ghost Plays on True Capitalist Radio

Ghost (and the Engineer) have been known to play a wide variety of songs on the air during the show. The type of music tends to depend on the occasion for playing it.

Fruitbowl Music

The most common "genre" of music played on the broadcast is music Ghost perceives as "fruity". The best known and most common song by far is "Money, Success, Fame, Glamour". Other "fruitbowl music" (roughly ordered by decreasing frequency) includes Depeche Mode's "World in My Eyes", "Supermodel" by RuPaul, "YMCA" by the Village People, and in Capitalist Episode 307, "Disco Heat" by Calvin Harris. The main occasion for this music is when there are numerous fruitbowl callers on the show, but Ghost also plays it sometimes when LGBT topics come up in the news.

Mood Music

Ghost has been known to take breaks from his broadcast and play a variety of music in his absence. He often assigns the Engineer to choose the music. The music he plays varies wildy depending on his mood.

If Ghost is in a bad mood, he will play Marilyn Manson's "We're From America", Usura's "Open Your Mind", Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK" or Scooter's "One (Always Hardcore)". Ghost usually sings along to these songs and shouts in the background.

Engineer Music

When Engineer is playing music (When Ghost goes on a short break or claims to be in the bathroom), the music is usually much happier. He plays music by Electric Fence Studios, the "Your Mom's a Whore" song, and "I'm an Asshole" by Denis Leary. The Engineer has been known to run off and do his own thing, playing a theme song from a 1970s' blaxploitation film with questionable lyrics, causing Ghost to rage when he "returns". The Engineer has played Calvin Harris' "Disco Heat" in Capitalist Episode 551.

Folklórico Songs

Folklórico is a style of Mexican folk dance. Sometimes, in order to assert his status as "King of Mexicans" or to prove he is not a cripple, Ghost will ostensibly dance on the show while playing Mexican folk music.

Other Music

Ghost has, on more than one occasion, attempted to do Karaoke to 90s rap songs. He is known for his attempts at Ice Cube's "It Was a Good Day" and Snoop Dogg's "Ain't No Fun "If the Homies Can't Have None". Ghost has written his own rap song .

Rarely, Ghost will prompt the Engineer to play "Illuminati" by Fatboy Slim in the context of calls from "NWO shills"; the Engineer has also added this to his repetoire of songs to play in the host's absence, possibly due to the fact that its musical qualities have earned it some overlapping classification with the "fruitbowl music" above. This has been seemingly discontinued after The Return, perhaps because it would be hypocritical.

In even rarer circumstances, Ghost will break out his guitar and play a tune while talking, relaxing, or letting a friend of his speak. He usually plays the exact same song each time over, so many listeners question the authenticity of the background guitar. Each "special guest" also has their own background music, generally following a rough stereotype of their home region.

After his return in 2016, Ghost frequently plays an "elevator music"-style instrumental of "The Girl from Ipanema" while the show is having technical difficulties due to Ghost now broadcasting from his cell phone. On one occasion Ghost briefly sang part of the song after shutting it off, indicating that he is familiar with the song beyond its typical use as ambient music.

Songs Callers Play on True Capitalist Radio

Trolls have been known to call the broadcast singing along to various songs, or even playing their on their own instruments. Ghost has referred to various types of "carols"; attested variations include "welfare carol", "gay love carol", and, perhaps most famously, "insult carol".

Ghost has trumpet players, violin players and several guitarists (other than Godzilla3709) that regularly call his show and fail to play their instruments.

Trolls have also called and played the USSR national anthem

(See Xarahox).

Ghost's Music Taste

Ghost claims to enjoy pre-Pantera heavy metal music and classical music. Ghost often claims "Metal died with Dimebag Darrell" and that anything since is just "the same two power-cords over and over again". For a while, after Episode 36 of The Ghost Show, it was unknown what Ghost's opinion of Pantera was, as it was revealed to him Pantera's music was used in an episode of SpongeBob SquarePants much to his intense fury, causing a ragequit that was also partially brought on by the troll Twilie Atkins and Serious Samsung. Later episodes of The Ghost Show reveal he still enjoys listening to Pantera songs via donations from fans. He also has claimed to like the Beatles, other than their 'fruity' phase(s).

He claims to strongly dislike Hip-hop and rap music, but is known for constantly referencing and playing 90s hip-hop songs. He argues that this is because his son went through a "Gangster rap phase". There are some exceptions to this, however; Ghost has attempted to perform several rap songs, and in Capitalist Episode 335 he reacted well to a Kanye West song in Radio Graffiti and gave a positive opinion on West's then-most recent album.

Ghost has been shown to be a big Stevie Ray Vaughan fan, claiming him to be "the greatest guitarist who ever lived". This had led to trolls committing what Ghost refers to as "musical blasphemy" by combining Stevie Ray with other songs, usually those that Ghost hates, such as the Thomas The Tank Engine theme, Nickelback, Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up, the My Little Pony theme, Dave Matthews, Coldplay, and The Cleveland Show.

Often callers will play random songs to try to irritate Ghost, figure out if he likes that song or not, or to elicit material for future remixes. Most of the time he doesn't react, but will sing a line if he knows it or has heard it before.

Ghost's Own Music

Ghost has claimed on several occasions to be making a band he will call "Michael J. Fox and The Shakes".

Ghost has been asked several times "What instrument do you play?" and he responds "All of them". So far he has only strung some guitar music on the show, mostly in earlier episodes.

During New Year's Eve 2017, Ghost unveiled a song he had been writing for a few months, albeit somewhat still work in progress, calling it "Hey Poz-Hole, Don't Poz My Neg Hole". After singing it for New Year's, this song was soon remixed and spliced in a negative light, causing anger from Ghost. It's unknown if it'll ever be finished.


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