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✩ ✩ ✩ Obtained an Honorable Mention for Best Remix at the 2011 Ghosties ✩ ✩ ✩

NavyHuskie (occasionally referred to by Ghost as NavySanHuskie) was a remixer, splicer, and video uploader. He primarily used his remixes as a way to troll and aggravate Ghost, by playing them on the Radio Graffiti segments. One of his most notable remixes was Taco Tuesday in which Ghost is referred to as a Hambone. This caused Ghost to Rage Quit.

His YouTube username was 'deadRoden7', a reference to Canadian house musician Deadmau5, which he made multiple mash-ups of. He used to post Ghost remixes on his Twitter, which he then removed because he didn't want to have anything to do with the TCR community anymore. In total, Ghost himself retweeted Navy's videos 3 times. These remixes generally received praise from fans of the show for their high quality. His most popular remixes were "Taco Tuesday" [2] and "Epic Ghost Guy (GhostRoll)", which was a parody of "Epic Sax Guy" replaced with Ghost's avatar and phrases from the show, and the Halloween Lavander Town remix (notable for using Zalgo text in the description, adding to the creepiness of the remix) - which made Ghost extremely upset, and ruined his potential festivities for that evening.

Ghost took a strange liking to the infamous "Taco Tuesday" remix, which he occasionally played for moral support on Taco Tuesdays, usually during Radio Graffiti; he was also proud that it references his self-given title of "King of the Mexicans". However, after voluntarily putting on the song himself, he would still yell about "getting it off" and rage that it referred to him as the "King of Racists", making the exact nature of his fondness debatable. Ghost frequently told the Engineer to 'cut out the Hambone part' whenever he had him play the remix, yet this 'edit' never came to fruition.

Although Ghost still hated him on the broadcast itself (similar to nearly all of the trolls), he and NavyHuskie were always on good terms in Twitter, further adding evidence proving that Ghost was playing along the entire time, which was confirmed by Ghost himself when he admitted that NavyHuskie was always his favorite remixer. Though he wouldn't return to the show after Ghost's return in 2016, NavyHuskie would still regularly tweet Ghost on twitter until Ghost was banned from the service for good and moved over to Gab, and even called in twice when Ghost first came back in March of 2016.