No Personality Having Jerk Dick

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Meet me at the Jackalope Fight Club so we can fight, pussy!

A failtroll trying to challenge Ghost to a fight, Capitalist Episode 159 

No Personality Having Jerk Dick is a term used by Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio to refer to someone who is unoriginal, boring and speaks in sentence fragments, mostly towards the newfag callers on his show. It also refers to callers who laugh at their own jokes. This is a variation of the term Jerk Dick. They also have a habit of copying other well known trolls, such as Tub Guy and Suck Mah Dick Guy.

After the additions of the bronies and after DarkRazorZ's original video, many newfags began calling Ghost and attempting to troll. Most of them simply read single lines and repeated it again and again when challenged by Ghost. Others called Ghost names as if it were a junior-high lunch room or even challenged Ghost to a fight, half way across the country.

Ghost often cites the No Personality Having Jerk Dicks as part of the reason why we're living in Junkyard America. Ghost usually suggests that they should, at least, find something to rip-off, like During The Return of True Capitalist Radio, many of these callers were impersonating famous trolls from the pre-return era, such as different Tub Guy ripoffs who were common from September to October 2016. There was even a couple Nikolai impersonators who couldn't impersonate him very well.

An example of a No Personality Having Jerk Dick is the Cleveland Show Caller.