November 2018 Ghost Doxing Incident

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Two tweets that appeared on @GhostPolitics Gab account soon after it was activated.'s About page as of November 28th, 2018
November 2018 Ghost Doxing Incident
Date November 27th, 2018 - November 30th, 2018
Location Gab, Discord Servers, YouTube
Status Ghost potentially doxed

Information about InsaneEnergy leaked again, threats made against him

Ghost claims to be banned on Gab, possibly deleted the account himself

New account under the handle @GhostPolitics activated, later deleted/banned

Inner Circle

The TCR Discord

Friday Panic

The TCR Refugee Chat

The Free TCR Chat

Ghost InsaneEnergy

Mile High



The remaining Inner Circle members

The members of the TCR Discord

Many ex-Inner Circle Members

Members of the TCR Refugee Chat

A few remaining trolls

Casualties and losses
Ghost's Gab account

Ghost (allegedly doxed)

InsaneEnergy (more information posted regarding dox)

The November 2018 Ghost Doxing Incident was an event that started on November 27th, 2018 and ended on November 30th, 2018 where Ghost was allegedly doxed by a group called Friday Panic, and the TCR Refugee chat. This incident directly follows The Inner Circle Schism, with many of the similar drama carrying over to this event.


In the early morning of November 27, Ghost began to release some of InsaneEnergy's personal information. In response, Insane said that he would report Ghost to Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, leading to Ghost removing these posts in fear of getting banned. Later that day, a dox dating back to May 2017 from a group called Friday Panic began circulating again, along with a Paypal receipt for an Inner Circle slot released by an anonymous ex-Inner Circle member, which revealed the name of a store he possibly owns in San Antonio. InsaneEnergy uploaded a video on his Youtube account that let the whole community know about the dox. Ghost's account was closed soon after either due to Insane contacting Andrew Torba or the release of the dox. His Gab handle was subsequently taken over by a troll called RifleKickSix.

On November 28th, a new account under the handle @GhostPolitics created in September activated and released two tweets, stating that a "Faggot Millennial" had gotten his account banned, calling out the person that took his handle and saying that he didn't give a fuck that he was doxed.

Later in the day, Ghost updated the About page on to state that his Gab had been banned for "Making fun of Autistic Trash", proving that Insane and others contacting Andrew Torba led to Ghost's removal from the platform, though some have questioned the validity of Ghost's claim that he was banned, with some suggesting that he may have deleted the account following the release of the dox. Ghost has not officially confirmed the validity of the dox on, even after the release of the Message from Ghost.

On November 30th, @GhostPolitics account became active again. This time, it congratulated the trolls for finally doxing him, claiming that he will be leaving chatrooms and social media for good and potentially continuing his internet activity through He also berated how millenials were obsessed with sexbots how a recent earthquake in Alaska was likely a sign from god and how people should get over the fact that he was playing a character in the show all the time. A few hours later, the account 404'd, indicating that it was either banned by Gab or deleted. Shortly after the disappearance of this account, a troll would also occupy this alternate Gab username.

This account was almost certainly created by a troll, as Ghost denied that he was doxed after he started The Ghost Show.

Validity of the dox

As with most doxes involving Ghost, the validity of this information has been called into question by some people because it contradicts much of the information that Ghost has given about himself on the show. The doxed individual was in his 40's, while most of the information on the show suggests that Ghost is somewhere in his 60's-70's at this point and some have suggested that Ghost is actually the father of the doxed individual who is at his late 60's, which matches the information provided by Ghost. Ghost's Son is also likely in his 40's at this point, based on the stories Ghost has told on the show about them playing retro games together and his son's involvement in the hip hop and grunge subcultures.

Twilie Atkins conducted an investigation about the validity of this and other suggested doxes by visiting several businesses Ghost supposedly owns or regularly visits in the San Antonio area. She came back from this investigation empty handed and the antique business that was in the Paypal receipt turned out to be a dead business that was closed about half a decade ago and, quite fittingly, was located in an abandoned mall that is rumored to be haunted. Twilie also doubted that Ghost would be able to impersonate another business so easily, though InsaneEnergy didn't think this was that unlikely.

After The Ghost Show was launched, Ghost has now denied that he was doxed, though some people still believe that the dox was valid and he's just denying the dox to avoid further harassment. Ghost referred to the doxed person as "some guy who owns a bar" and told the trolls to quit harassing him.