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Ghost has often bragged about the number of listeners of his shows, True Conservative Radio and then True Capitalist Radio. During the summer of 2011 True Capitalist Radio boomed in popularity, with the chat-room frequently maxing out at 500 listeners. Ghost would, before, during and after this, claim that he had "tens of thousands of listeners across the world" which is possible but highly doubtful when viewed in the context of simultaneous live listeners at any one point.

DarkRazorZ's YouTube account, the most popular YouTube account associated with Ghost, eventually gained more than 12,000 subscribers, featuring five videos (clips of Ghost) with over 100,000 views (and one over 800,000 views). Other uploaders, such as Elfoxoloco who uploaded full Radio Graffiti sessions, had less subscribers (3,000).

Since the Return, Ghost has claimed to, again, have tens of thousands of listeners across the world. He has claimed that he is trying to reach 50,000 and even 100,000 live listeners. These numbers are, again, doubtful. Ghost's caller line on Blog Talk Radio often maxes out very early in the show, though because he no longer has the full 3-hour broadcasting paid account, his max number of callers is greatly limited. Full episodes uploaded on TheBronyNetwork on YouTube often get between 500 and 1,000 views. More recently, his videos have been getting well over a 1,000 views each and he now has over 4,400 subscribers. TheBronyNetwork's live-streams, after the show has finished and the majority of listeners are cut off, those wanting more TCR migrating to the live-stream to continue, usually gets between 80 and 180 listeners.

Around the time it was banned, Ghost's current Twitter account had about 11,000 followers, while his current Gab account, as of May 15th, 2018 has 5,016 followers. Ghost has reiterated that, before he left the show the first time, his Twitter account had around 11,000 followers.

During Capitalist Episode 281, Ghost experienced Technical Difficulties with Blog Talk Radio and expressed hope that these were the result of him having so many listeners that the site was struggling to serve them all.

During Capitalist Episode 418 Ghost stated to a caller that he usually has about 50,000 to 60,000 listeners on his show, though as mentioned above this is highly unlikely.

Recently, during Capitalist Episode 567, Ghost stated he had over 1,000 people listening in, a far cry from his earlier ratings. Some speculate this is due to the removal of Radio Graffiti, however the likely alternative is that Ghost would often state that BTR would syndicate his podcast, and now that he is running his show independent, he no longer pulls in nearly as many listeners. In addition, he often claims that the vast majority of listeners listen to the podcast due to being at work, and Ghost has no way of gauging statistics for his podcast due to it being hosted on Wordpress instead of voscast. His Gab account currently has over 5,500 Followers. On Capitalist Episode 612, Ghost noted that not many people were listening, with roughly a few hundred people (which Ghost said was likely a result of it being Labor Day Weekend), though claimed that the show would usually get 1000 live listeners, and occasionally go into the tens of thousands range, going back to his higher number claims from the BTR days.

With the creation of The Ghost Show in 2019, number of live listeners is now visible to everyone who is present during the broadcast. His live listener numbers have been growing steadily and his average listener number was about 350 listeners during The Ghost Show Episode 3 and his videos get about 3000 views each. Despite this, Ghost keeps insisting that he's listened to by tens or even hundreds of thousands of capitalists throughout the world. After Pepe The Frog pointed out that people could now actually see the number of listeners in The Ghost Show Episode 4, Ghost explained that the number he gives out is the amount of views various streams and YouTube videos of his show get combined.

Since Ghost's move to DLive, he has been continuously gaining more viewers. The current average is around 800 per show, with a peak of about 1500. He also has around 3500 followers.