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The Outro clip is the 20-second clip that plays at the end of episodes of True Capitalist Radio. It debuted in Episode 19.

(Note the times at the end of the clip are erroneous - the broadcast timeslot was shortly changed to 4:00 to 7:00 pm Central). On some rare occasions, Ghost may not cut the broadcast stream after the outro, meaning a session of After Show will commence now that the BlogTalkRadio Podcast player has stopped streaming. Never hang up even when this outro plays, sometimes Ghost continues the show unannounced for additional Radio Graffiti.

Since Ghost's Return, from Episode 227 onwards, most shows end abruptly with silence - but the first few bars of Vivaldi's Winter will play instead. After show Radio Graffiti, however, has returned.

However, Ghost usually manually adds a semi-consistent "outro" anyway, often at the end of the after-show instead of the main broadcast. After exhorting listeners to share the show with others, he proclaims "Long live the Capitalist (Army/Revolution), and death to feminism, death to (communism/socialism), and death, death, DEATH to totalitarianism!"

This semi-consistent outro has been more infrequent following Ghost's temporary hiatus and his return in October 2017, with most shows ending in cans.wav. The Outro has returned in May 2018 when he returned from his hiatus. The outro went back to his "long live the Capitalist Revolution" saying at the end of his broadcasts, then ending there.


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