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Pinochet is Ghost's newer dog after Templeton died of cancer during his October hiatus in 2020. He is named after former dictator of Chile, Augusto Pinochet. Ghost has described him as a "big fucking dog". Ghost has claimed his birthday is November 17. During the 51st episode of the Saturday Night Troll Show, Pinochet stole one of Ghost's shoes on air. Many trolls have made fun of Pinochet's name, usually calling him "penis shave".

Pinochet Gets a Partner

Around November 2021, Ghost always wanted to get a female companion ever since Templeton was alive. Ghost made several posts on of getting a partner for Pinochet. Eventually Ghost got a dog from the street (that was given to Ghost by his neighbors) and named it Margaret Thatcher (after the former British Prime Minister of the same name). However, Margaret ended up biting Pinochet in the face after Ghost said Pinochet was "sniffing her anus". This resulted in Ghost separating both dogs and sending Pinochet to the veterinarian hospital. Many of Ghost's listeners claimed that Ghost was making up the story in order use the story as an excuse to skip more shows. Which Ghost has denied.

Pinochet Hurts his Paw and a Cowboys Game

On December 29, 2022, Ghost made another announcement on his Instagram account of Pinochet hurting his paw the day before. With Pinochet taken to the Veterinarian. Many of Ghost's audience however, saw through this post since the Dallas Cowboys had a game against the Tennessee Titans on the same day. With many believing that Ghost used his dog as an excuse to watch the Dallas Cowboys instead.

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