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✩ ✩ ✩ Obtained an Honorable Mention for Best Chatroom at the 2016 Ghosties ✩ ✩ ✩


/pol/ or Politically Incorrect is a board in 4chan and several other image boards, that focuses on political discussion. /pol/ has its beginnings in 4chan's news board /new/, which was deleted in 2011 because of high volumes of racist discussion as well as conspiracy theories and /pol/ was designed to be a containment board for its regular users.

Some imageboards, such as 8chan, also have /leftypol/, a similar containment board designed to keep communists and other troublesome leftists away from the other boards.

Political discussion on the board is often heavily oriented to right-wing politics with subjects such as migration, race-mixing, race relations, race realism, conspiracies, Islamophobia, Alt-Right politics, antifeminism, nationalism, political correctness, national stereotypes and antisemitism being popular subject matters on the board. Because of this, the board has gained notoriety inside and outside of internet and has been characterized by many media outlets as misogynist, racist, neo-nazi and white supremacist. The boards user base has heavily supported the presidental campaigns of Ron Paul and Donald Trump, with many of the boards users actively taking part in the Meme Wars to support Trump's campaign. /pol/ has also played a pivotal role in either popularizing or creating several memes such as: The Happy Merchant, Ben Garrison cartoon defacements, Doom Paul and Moon Man.

Ghost has managed to gain a following among the boards user base with his heavy criticism of liberal politics, feminism, political correctness, welfare and millenials as well as his strong support for capitalism and Donald Trump with almost every episode of TCR having its own thread on the board. Ghost on the other hand has been known to visit the board from time to time and has occasionally been reading what people are talking about in the TCR threads during the broadcasts, for example during Episode 377 when /pol/ accused Templeton of being a DNC spy after he bit Ghost once again. Ghost also spent much of the infamous Episode 350 looking through the recently leaked Guccifer 2.0 documents, that were released to the board.

/pol/ ultimately won honorable mention as Best Chatroom during Ghosties 2016. According to Ghost, they would have won the main prize if it weren't for the fact that the boards users tried to dox him all the time. Regardless of these justifications, /pol/ users felt wronged by Ghost and began to accuse him and Ghost's Inner Circle of rigging the vote in favor of Steam Chatroom. Ghost who had actually been reading the TCR thread asked /pol/ users after seeing their comments: "How dare you treat me like some kind of a two bit bastard and deface me?" Following drama relating to the TCR Steam Chat, Ghost mentioned a recount for The Ghosties, and eventually gave /pol/ the award instead.

Ghost spent much of Episode 441 bashing /pol/ as part of his conspiracy theory involving Alexander Dugin and Richard Spencer. Ghost blamed /pol/ for having played straight into the Russian psy-op by endorsing Spencer and other Russian alt-right shills. /pol/ users found these arguments by Ghost to be stupid as most of them saw Richard and other alt-right figureheads as cringy and blamed Ghost for Jewing out during the show.

/pol/, and 4chan as a whole, would later be criticized by Ghost during one of his autism rants, citing "Weaponized Autism" as an example of the desensitization and normalization of mental problems such as autism, as well as him pointing out much of Moot's past, where he was in favor of leftist-like things. /pol/ would not win any awards at The Ghosties, however the African Booty Scratcher (who comes from the TCR /pol/ threads) would win an honorable mention for Troll of The Year.

Since then, Ghost has been zigzagging between supporting and opposing /pol/. He's happy to work with them if they are doing something that benefits president Trump and he frequently reposts activity from /pol/ News Network's Gab account, but he still agrees with many of the criticisms he has made towards them in the past.

Since February 2018, around the start of Ghost's Discord, /pol/ threads about TCR have been few and far between, and the ones that have been made receive minimal replies. This suggests many of /pol/'s users either lost interest, or migrated to Ghost's chatroom.