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The Republic of Poland is a nation located in Central Europe (though commonly viewed as part of the Eastern Europe due to its Slavic language and culture) next to Lithuania, Russia (Kaliningrad exclave), Belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. Poland was invaded during the start of World War II by Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, and was forced to remain a Soviet satellite state until the late 1980s. Nowadays, Poland is allied with the United States, and is a member state of the European Union and NATO.

Ghost has praised Poland for its opposition towards accepting refugees during the European Migrant Crisis, and has referred to it as 'based Poland' because of this. He has also been very critical towards European Union's sanctions on the country in an attempt to counter the policies of the Law and Justice party that they view as undemocratic and has called them out for attempting to use communist tactics against a country that had to suffer under a communist regime for most of the Cold War.

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