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Sam is a brony, and also a DJ on Fillydelphia Radio. He has his own BlogTalkRadio show called "True Equestria Radio" (similar to Goofy Bone's rip-off ideas but instead with a host that has talent and charisma). He rips-off Ghost's Radio Graffiti with "Internet Vandalism" at the end of his show.

Toast was once a DJ on CelestiaRadio, and discovered Ghost from there, and decided to create his parody show out of boredom. While he initially simply copied Ghost's accent and pretended to rage at callers, he still attracted a sizable following, mostly from Ghost listeners and other Bronies. Upon the end of the second season of the cartoon show, he left BlogTalkRadio for almost a year, passing over Ghost's closure of his show, and returned for season three. With this new incarnation of his show, he settled into a more serious theme, mostly regarding Brony culture and news rather than simply asking callers who the best pony is all the time. His show is quite different from Ghost's now than it used to be, with the most notable differences being the inclusion of permanent co-hosts, extended topics throughout the whole show, a 'fan mail' segment, and a very very small group of dedicated trolls.

PonyToast hosts his show with a small circle of 'Co-Hosts', who call in via Skype at the beginning and commentate on the show topic and callers. They are notable for being quite cynical, and give Toast's show a positive kick, giving it more energy than it used to have in 2011/12.

These individuals are Super Kami Guru, a fellow with a low monotonous voice who "hates everyone" and used to troll Ghost in the past under the name Tango Whiskey, Earnest, a homosexual Jew evidently, Capper General the infamous poster from /mlp/, and the newest member of the staff Remington Hernandez, a young Conservative from Texas who does parodic journalistic reports at intervals in the show.

PonyToast celebrated his hundredth episode of True Equestria Radio in March 2014, and plans to keep doing the broadcast for as long as he has content to discuss regarding fandoms.

Toast called in to Radio Graffiti during The Ghost Show Episode 286 to reminisce with Ghost and tell a story about becoming a capitalist and drinking Johnnie Walker.

Ghost's Reaction

Ghost at first was not amused at having another show mimicking his own, along with it being Brony themed. He tweeted against PonyToast for a while, then eventually left him alone, and thanked him for spreading his own broadcast by parodying it. Nevertheless, trolls from Ghost's show occasionally raid it, just as they did with 186.DUCE.

Ghost often referred to him as 'That Brony who does that rip-off show of me, good God!' whenever he gave him a shoutout in the Chatroom. Toast also frequently called Ghost and attempted to discuss Brony topics with him, but this usually didn't last longer than a minute.

True Equestria Radio

PonyToast usually takes calls for the most of the episode along with talking about whatever is on his mind with his hosts. Usually he has a single 'topic' question for callers, but sometimes he just throws a show without anything thought out beforehand. He never gets more than 25 callers in his queue, and he always picks everyone up before ending his show, so it is guarenteed that anyone, even an obvious troll, will be allowed to speak.

He does Internet Vandalism (a slower version of Radio Graffiti) during the final 15-20 minutes, giving everyone up to a minute to speak their mind before being cut off. He has a chatroom, and does Twitter Shoutouts at the end of a show, along with some 'Fan Mail' around the 75 minute mark. Of course, the Fan Mail usually consists of graphic and horrific videos sent to him by a bot, or trolls seeding him with phrases to be used in audio splices.

He has the same three or four 'co-hosts' with him on every show, and they discuss the topic at hand (always relating to Brony subculture, unless a big news event throws them off track), and help him ward off trolls who fail. Toast usually asks who is the best pony at the end of a person's call. PonyToast believes that Rainbow Dash is the best pony and he gets upset when the caller responds with another pony. Sometimes trolls will call up and purposely say other ponies, Spike, Mr. Clean, or play the Sea Pony song from the MLP G1 movie. He uses a Cans.wav sound effect that is ripped from Ghost's show, and plays it to silence a caller that he has reached a disagreement with. He has an after-show once in a while.

Toast also has a supposed 'Engineer' whose job is to screen calls, who of course fails and usually just sits idly during the show. His Engineer is a soundboard of Applejack, and he occasionaly 'talks' to her much to everyone else's confusion and amusement.


PonyToast has expressed that he dislikes 'Sea Ponies' - a special species of cartoon equines dating from the generation one pilot. Many callers play the 'Shoo Be Doo' song to irritate him. Chatroom and Skype names are another way to get on his nerves. For the most part, his show is credible (as far as the Brony fandom goes), and has a small following (basically what Ghost wanted with his own), with some trolling by the side. He has invited the folks at the 4chan imageboard /mlp/ to listen to his show every Saturday, and this in itself gets him additional trolls along with the few that listen weekly.

In addition to trolling PonyToast, his usual co-hosts Remington Hernandez, Super Kami Guru & Earnest are also considered to be a good targets for trolling & each co-host have a particular dislike that trolls can use to their advantage.

  • The most popular(and so far, most effective) way to troll Earnest is to make fun of his grandmother by making splices related to his grandmother & calling other radio shows using his voice. Certain songs(Grandma got run over by a reindeer, Celebration & Ding-dong The Witch is Dead) will also anger Earnest.
  • Remington Hernandez is a conservative texan as mentioned above. He once broke down as a result of multiple chain-calls of Fuck You Texas. Considering the fact that Remington is now a primary fill-in host, in the event PonyToast does not host the show & Remington is hosting, Fuck You Texas is an acceptable tactic to use despite it being retired.
  • Super Kami Guru is known to rage when other trolls make splices insulting him(especially when chain-called as a result, he had a mental breakdown on the air) or use his old splices as Tango Whiskey from trolling Ghost & turn them into their own splices/remixes. SKG also hates failtrolls more than anything. Failtrolling is not a recommended tactic but in the event that you do, he will most likely rant & scold you & hang up on you.
  • Though he is no longer a co-host, a caller who known by the area code, 502 is normally trolled with accusations of racism & being a member of the Ku Klux Klan. PonyToast's co-host also troll 502 with such accusations & 502 will bitch & whine over them saying he was in the KKK.

PonyToast used to broadcast here, however this show has been inactive since April 2016.