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"Poz-Hole" (short for "positive hole," as in HIV-positive) is a slur for members aligned with the LGBT community; specifically, those that Ghost believes (correctly or otherwise) are infected with HIV. Poz-Hole is probably the most controversial term ever used by Ghost in the broadcast as its usage has directly lead to Ghost's merchandise being pulled off, deletion of a single True Capitalist Radio episode by BTR as well as several temporary and ultimately a permanent ban from Twitter.


Ghost began using this term around Capitalist Episode 500 when he sold merchandise depicting Elfoxoloco. The merchandise said "There's Nothing Negative about Being Positive." The merchandise announcement led to him reporting Ghost to Blog Talk Radio and successfully taking down Capitalist Episode 433, as well as taking down Ghost's Gumroad store. Ultimately, the conflict with Elfoxoloco also resulted in Ghost being banned from Twitter, leading Ghost to conclude that the administrations of Twitter and Gumroad (both headquartered in San Francisco) are "a bunch of Poz-Holes".

It is commonly thought that these events, as well as Ghost's disillusionment with his audience, led to The Break.

Poz-Holes were a subject of interest on Capitalist Episode 501, specifically with regards to news about a drag queen who wore a tiara soaked with HIV-positive blood as a form of protest, and the opening of a restaurant by an HIV-positive chef in Canada. Someone sent Ghost an image over Gab having supposedly made Ghost a reservation at the "Poz-Hole restaurant". During Radio Graffiti, Tub Guy called from this Poz-Hole restaurant, commenting that he was enjoying the fried pickles with extra szechuan sauce.


The opposite of a Poz-Hole is a Neg-Hole, someone who is not infected with HIV. Commenting at having kicked all the Poz-Holes out of the Inner Circle in Capitalist Episode 508, Ghost exclaimed, "THE INNER CIRCLE IS FULL OF NEG-HOLES!".


During The Ghosties on Episode 526, Ghost revealed that he is writing a song entitled "Hey Poz-Hole, Don't Poz my Neg-Hole", and showed off what he has written so far. It eventually became a subject of remixes, usually changing it to Ghost saying "Hey poz-hole, poz my neg-hole", and also combining it with fruity-ass club music. Doing this sort of thing can get on Ghost's nerves, especially because he hasn't finished the song yet. The song was brought up again by trolls in Ghost Show Episode 67 and evidently, Ghost wasn't working on the lyrics.


Although Ghost claims to have invented this term (for example, regaling his listeners in Capitalist Episode 501 with the story of how he was "banned from Twitter for coining the term 'Poz-Hole'"), it actually originates from forums dedicated to the discussion of the murderous homosexual fantasy of bugchasing, in which an HIV-positive male derives sexual pleasure from infecting his partners with HIV. A screencap of bugchasing forums is commonly posted on /pol/ as an example of homosexual degeneracy and features phrases such as "poz cum up your hole" which became memes.