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Pro. Raptor (formerly Raptorade76) is a The Ghost Show-era minor troll that joined early October who posted fanart on the forums and later in November, Raptor started to troll with former community member AllFurriesAreManchildren (a.k.a. AFAM) to get rid of autists, newfags, bronies, etc.


His first appearance was on The Ghost Show Episode 106 and he posted his first artwork to Ghost also known as "Ghost's Autistic Reich".



A list of individuals that Raptor has had to deal with:

  • RMaster: RMaster attempted to make people turn against Raptor, but then backfired and ended up getting doxxed by others even though Raptor didn't condone it.
  • Doctor Bristle: Made fun of Doctor B's autism, which resulted in Raptor and AFAM creating the DOC movement. This led Doctor B to be an honorable mention failtroll of the year during the 2019 Ghosties.
  • Riley Welch The Swagger: Raptor had enough of Riley one day and made a group of trolls create fake accounts and post offensive things on Riley's YouTube channel, causing Riley to get upset along with his fanbase and attempted to prevent Raptor from making Riley get chased out of the TGS community. Raptor then raided his fans server with ten people in total. Raptor later made two warning videos that were targeted towards Riley Welch causing him to take the bait and depart from the community.
  • Cicinwad336: Raptor found his channel and then made a thread on the forum leading to the "Type CIC to ban Cicinwad" movement. Cicinwad then apologized to Raptor for being underage.
  • Peppermint Swirl: After Raptor found out that Peppermint Swirl was into lolicon on Buddhism Hotline discord, he began to exposing Peppermint for being a pedophile. Raptor has released two videos exposing his behavior, as of 2021. At the moment, Peppermint Swirl still remains in the community which he still refuses to leave it and has become a target for the trolls.