Production Notes

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Production Notes are the notes Ghost uses to structure episodes of True Capitalist Radio. Ghost once took great pride in hand-writing production notes for each episode, and they became a common subject of discussion on the show following Ghost's return from The Break and through early 2018.

Much like Ghost's time-honored tradition of demanding respect due to being a capitalist, the production notes are a way of adding legitimacy to the show, brought up as a response to being trolled. Ghost's line of reasoning is that since he puts so much effort into the show by hand-writing production notes for it, his audience should be more grateful and show him respect. His usual shtick is to yell, "I've got production notes! *sound of Ghost flipping through the production notes* ...That I hand-write myself!".

Content of the Production Notes

Ghost usually refers to the production notes during the second hour of the show, when discussing domestic and world politics. This suggests that cryptocurrency and stocks/commodities updates (the latter of which Ghost has been known to read directly from, and the former Ghost reads from aren't part of the production notes. Eagle-eyed listeners may notice that most of the headlines Ghost claims to be reading from the production notes are, in fact, usually the same headlines from the respective day's Drudge Report, suggesting that Ghost's process of "hand-writing production notes" actually consists of him jotting down headlines straight from Drudge.

It's also possible that some segments, such as Ghost calling the dating line on Episode 571 are a part of these production notes.

As a Meme

Because Ghost is so defensive of his production notes, they have become a common subject of mockery by trolls. They have been featured in many Shoutout names, such as "Production Note Toilet Paper" and "New Day, Same Production Notes". In Capitalist Episode 533, the Pet Mexican aired a splice during Radio Graffiti insinuating that the Engineer actually writes the production notes, causing Ghost to rage hard at the end of the broadcast.

During Ghost's Christmas Eve 2017 show, he himself made referenced the production notes meme, challenging his listeners to record themselves waving paper in front of their family while yelling "I've got PRODUCTION NOTES!" as part of a cryptocurrency scavenger hunt.

Later on, during that year's Ghosties in Capitalist Episode 526, Ghost gave "Production Notes" an honorable mention for Most Memorable Meme, ultimately losing to Poz-Hole.


After Ghost's departure from BlogTalkRadio and return in Capitalist Episode 563 mid-2018, he seems to have stopped referring to the production notes, with him even making it clear on the first show back that he had none for that show, suggesting that he no longer bothers to make them. Instead, after briefly talking about a few subjects following Shoutouts, Ghost now reads political news directly from Drudge Report live during shows and instructs his listeners to type in the URL if they want to follow along. He has even been known to read articles for the first time in the middle of a show, such as during Capitalist Episode 570.