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The Inner Circle Splinter Cell (or simply ICSC), operating as Project GX: The GhostPolitics Archive is a GhostPolitics archive community founded by KKAT. It is the successor to the Central Circle.

A Discord server is maintained, but single-use invites to the server are based on a voucher system. The minimum age to join is 25 (with a few exceptions made for some of those in the 18-24 range).


ICSC maintains an archive hosted on The Internet Archive as well as a channel network on Odysee. Formally, ICSC also hosted YouTube channels as well as a relay channel on Dlive, but the YouTube channels and the Dlive channel were shut down in mid-2022, citing copyright concerns and the YouTube algorithm not being as forgiving as it had been in the past.

The Ghost Show & Spinoffs

The Ghost Show:

Baller Friday Show:

Saturday Night Troll Show:

Spontaneous Sunday Show:

True Capitalist Radio & Spinoffs

True Conservative Republican Radio/True Conservative Radio:

True Capitalist Radio:

Golden Era:

Return Era:

Independent Era:

Saturday Night Troll Show:


Odysee Channel Network

These are the channels maintained by ICSC on Odysee:

Main Channel:

Show Archive:

Latest Episodes (temporary):

Show Highlights: