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Psychology is the study of the behavior of the mind, in both conscious and subconscious level seeking to understand human as well as animal behavior.

Ghost, The host of True Capitalist Radio has often been critical when it comes to Psychology, seeing it as a pseudoscience, that is used by slackers and welfare moochers to get an easy way out of working life and thus sees it as a contributing factor to Junkyard America. Despite this though, he had been very friendly and helpful with KaraszKun and Teutonic Plague who are suffering from the developmental disorders autism and Asperger Syndrome respectively. This changed when Teutonic Plague was banned in 2016 and KaraszKun left during late 2017 over Net Neutrality being repealed.

Ghost has went off on rants about people with Autism as people who he thinks is ruining his show. This has become a lot more pronounced after Ghost returned from The Break. His rants on Autism became more common and longer during December 2017. On one episode that month, he went on a near hour and a half long rant about it.

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