Pyro Incident

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A pyro incident in progress!

A Pyro Incident is a failtroll tactic when newfags tell Ghost to hurry up on either Radio Graffiti or Shoutouts, usually when Ghost is on a rant. This causes Ghost to say "No one tells me what to do!", and to retaliate at the trolls by stalling or refusing to do either Radio Graffiti or Shoutouts, or even host the Ask KaraszKun segment during Radio Graffiti time, which has happened during Episode 291.

This is named after IsaacThePyro, who told Ghost on Twitter to hurry up and get to Radio Graffiti on Episode 284, causing Ghost to cancel that episode's Radio Graffiti segment. This caused many people on Twitter to spam him with hateful tweets and death threats. The fan backlash was enough to cause Isaac to delete his account for good.


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