Radio Graffiti Vs. TTS Trolls

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Radio Graffiti is for the poor- SHUT UP! *cans.wav*


Radio Graffiti Vs. TTS Trolls is a topic that has plagued The Ghost Show ever since Ghost himself brought back Radio Graffiti in Episode 3, and the prevalence of Text-to-speech donations during the broadcast has caused some trolls to call them out with a short time meme known as "Paid Free Speech". TTS Donations have been played over Radio Graffiti calls throughout various episodes, much to the anger of RG trolls and fans alike. Various TTS Trolls have also called for the second abolishment of Radio Graffiti, however, this has not happened as of yet. Some TTS trolls are also RG trolls with some cash. The reason for Ghost not turning off text to speech is for the "Interactivity", though the real reason has been speculated to be him wanting more money from his listeners and viewers.

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