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Radio Molly

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Radio Molly is a NSFW radio television show hosted on YouTube, Twitch, and Discord. It is based off of the original tumblr blog by JohnJoseco and the fan dubs by MindlessGonzo. The primary host, known as Princess Molestia or simply as Molly, is a nymphomaniac Pegasister who has seemingly taken up a liking for Ghost.


Molly broadcasts her own personal radio show, complete with music, intermissions, and commercials. The show usually broadcasts around 8 or 9 PM Eastern Time on Fridays and Saturdays with few exceptions. During the show, she takes questions live from viewers, followers, and callers from her Discord chat, email, Speakpipe, or publicly available phone number.

During downtime, she answers questions submitted to her blog by her followers, who she calls her "sexy subjects". She also hosts and appears on streams of her crew members as they play games or broadcast a movie.

The style of the show is very much reminiscent of 1980's and 1990's late night adult tv or shows. Through out the show Radio Molly LIVE seems to take different aspects from older forms of media. The show also contains old intermission reels from a Drive in Theater of the 1950's or 1960's. The show also has some old cartoons reference in the show itself.

Host's Involvement with TCR

For a time, many listeners of Radio Molly have openly stated a comparison between both shows, citing the similar format of taking calls and discussing politics, as well as both hosts' anonymity. This soon led to splices of Ghost's show being played on air and many trolls calling up, but fail to get any big reaction as they do with Ghost.

Molly getting down with Ghost

During Episode 480, Molly called Ghost during Radio Graffiti, making sexual advances towards him. Ghost, knowing nothing of Molly or her show, took it as a compliment and proceeded to comment on his perceived effects on women. Afterwards, someone else had called in with what was thought to be a splice of Ghost and the Radio Molly hosts. Rather, it turned out to be a clip of someone playing a splice. Regardless, confusion ensued.

Eventually, it led to the hashtag #GetDownWithGhost, an attempt by Molly to trend in the community in hopes of Ghost believing there to be something behind the term.

On Capitalist Episode 486, 10centcapitalist called in with a song written by Molly about Ghost falling off the wagon. This caused Ghost to cans.wav, exclaiming "Is this what I'm inspiring!?"

Views on TCR Topics/Figures

Courtesy of the ego-stroking 10centcapitalist's "investigative journalism" after Episode 8 of the Saturday Night Troll Show....

Splices - Big fan of their varied nature and can-causing content, being an entertainer herself.

Cleveland Brown/Show Calls - Wishes that the Cleveland trolls would finally go away.

Twilie Atkins, African Booty Scratcher - Minimal personal interaction; enjoys their content. Cites that someone put her on a similar pedestal to ABS.

RaidenSnake - Likes his serious input, assumedly to give balance to the show. Sees him as interesting, but is unable to specify exactly why.

Molly also confirmed that she had, in essence, "appeared out of nowhere"--after comparisons between her show and True Capitalist Radio gained traction within the intertwining circles. Curiosity brewed within her mind, and she decided to call.

Her TCR Content - To her, timing is key. As of the interview she plans on somehow utilizing the 4/20 2017 episode.

Collaboration - The more, the merrier. She shows no particular interest in collaborating with another troll at the moment.