Rage Quit

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Rage-quitting doesn't always lead to this, but it isn't uncommon for it to do so, either.

A rage quit is a general term used to describe when a user becomes enraged by something so much that they abruptly end the session. Normally, this term is used in gaming when someone is getting beat badly and then shuts off their game out of anger. A rage quit within True Capitalist Radio, on the other hand, refers to when the trolls enrage Ghost to the point where he ends the show a few minutes early (or sometimes, an entire hour), or spends much of the rest of the show in rage and disbelief.

Actual rage quits, for the most part, are a rare occurrence on True Capitalist Radio. Ghost often threatens to end the show early, but instead usually moves on after calming down and takes more calls. The chatroom, of course, fills with heckling comments daring him to end the show during one of these threats (which he occasionally takes note of, issuing an "Enough, alright?" or "Don't tempt me..." response to the chat). Show termination threats usually entail Ghost informing the listeners that he doesn't even need to do the broadcast and that he could instead "be on Sixth Street right now". He may even mention the drink specials that happen to be available, such as Dollar-You-Call-It Night (these tend to be on all days but Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, according to Ghost.)

On even rarer occasions, Ghost has rage quit only for the Engineer to take over the show in Ghost's absence. During these take-overs, Ghost returns reprimands the Engineer, and usually ends up finishing the show, Radio Graffiti included.

Ghost Rage Quits

Keep in mind that Ghost normally runs a three-hour broadcast (two hours in early-mid 2016, back to 3 hours again) and that if he rages hard enough, even while ending an episode at its normal time, he may not come back for at least a week because he is annoyed at being disrespected. This was the case for the final few months of the 2011-12 episodes of True Capitalist Radio. In other cases, Ghost may spend much of a show ranting, or go so far off-topic in his rages that he misses completing some of his news commentary.

An example of Ghost ending the show early. This one was not done out of anger, but because people were losing interest in the show for the day and Ghost saw no reason to continue.

Rage Quit Rule

For a rage quit to count for this article, there are two rules:

  1. There has to be ten or more minutes left in the episode to count. If the last few minutes of the show are preempted by Ghost raging, it doesn't count unless there are ten or minutes left.
  2. The rage quit has to have occurred in the live show, not the after show.

2011-12 edition

  • May 10th, 2011
    • Episode Number: 84
    • Episode Length: 2:23:39
    • Reason: Ghost ended the broadcast almost halfway into the third hour after he was greatly annoyed at people not respecting his show.
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  • July 8th, 2011
    • Episode Number: 124
    • Episode Length: 2:27:48
    • Reason: Ghost noticed that people in the chat were saying that they were bored. He sang Nyan Cat for a bit and then ended the broadcast seeing how everybody was losing interest. Ghost was hardly angry at all, and for the most part, left in good spirits knowing the trolls would be upset they couldn't have Radio Graffiti, and that he could enjoy the rest of his Baller Friday.
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  • August 1st, 2011
  • August 16th, 2011
    • Episode Number: 135
    • Length: 2:43:17
    • Reason: Multiple Dr. Mario remixes caused Ghost to be enraged, due to him thinking that they were circus remixes.
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  • August 19th, 2011
    • Episode Number: 137
    • Length: 2:39:38
    • Reason: A troll called in during Radio Graffiti claiming he'll make a game based off of the show. Ghost was highly insulted by this call and ended the show.
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  • November 8th, 2011
    • Episode Number: 172
    • Length: 2:49:11
    • Reason: Various hambone-related calls pissed Ghost off, with a hambone remix of Skrillex's Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites causing him to end the show.
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  • December 7th, 2011
    • Episode Number: 180
    • Length: 2:24:04
    • Reason: The "fruitiness" of Fruitbowl Wednesday was beyond Ghost's comfort level. He eventually rage quit when Note Party called in and called him a hambone when he commented on estrogen pills.
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  • March 2nd, 2012
    • Episode Number: 214
    • Length: 1:54:05
    • Reason: A caller playing an autotuned version of Pinkie Pie's "no fear" song. Ghost took an extended break from the show following this broadcast, as he was tired of the consistent doxing attempts.
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2016-2018 edition

  • July 17th, 2016
    • Episode Number: 313
    • Length: 1:44:00
    • Reason: After a lot of serious callers who called in about the events that were going on around the time of the show, one caller asked Ghost why he doesn't like Pokémon Go, causing him to go on a rant and ultimately leave the show after feeling that the audience didn't take him seriously. He also skipped both the Monday and Tuesday show after this, stating that he's going to "Enjoy our freedom while it still lasts".
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  • September 13th, 2016
    • Episode Number: 350
    • Length: 1:13:52
    • Reason: Ghost planned to start calling up members of the DNC based on numbers from his listeners. Shortly before the end of the first hour, Ghost got word that someone in The Brony Network's chatroom was planning to send him a number for the FBI and trick him into calling it. He took Shoutouts for the members of the Inner Circle before quitting almost fourteen minutes into the second hour. This is the current shortest regular episode in the show's history.
  • October 3rd, 2016
    • Episode Number: 363
    • Length: 2:35:00
    • Reason: Various members of the Capitalist Army, including Teutonic Plague and Donald Trump, made a call endorsing Team Engineer, which led to Ghost having a breakdown and ending the show, citing that he couldn't take the betrayal anymore. After the show, both the 727 Caller and Teutonic Plague, concerned with Ghost's well-being, said it was a joke and they were on Team Ghost. Teutonic also claimed after the show that his brown-nosing was an act, but he still likes the show and is a member of the Capitalist Army.
  • October 7th, 2016
    • Episode Number: 367
    • Length: 2:43:25
    • Reason: Early on in Radio Graffiti, Ghost found out that G was Toilet Guy, a failtroll Tub Guy ripoff. G tried to explain, but it resulted in Ghost raging hard. And the discovery that G liked anime led to Ghost going ballistic and ending the broadcast.
  • October 12th, 2016
  • October 21st, 2016
    • Episode Number: 377
    • Length: 2:47:00
    • Reason: Before Radio Graffiti, Ghost was bitten by Templeton again, leading to Templeton splices and #TeamTempleton posts on Twitter. Ghost was about to get back to Radio Graffiti when he heard a police siren and thought they were coming to get him, causing him to end the show early. He later revealed on Twitter that his neighbor called 911 for a noise disturbance.
  • November 25th, 2016
    • Episode Number: 399
    • Length: 2:45:10
    • Reason: Ghost quit the show early after hearing a splice of him having sex with the Internet Buttstalker and Barack Obama. Another reason that he left early was that he was tired from managing his brick-and-mortar businesses for Black Friday.
  • December 8th, 2016
    • Episode Number: 408
    • Length: 2:48:33
    • Reason: The 727 Caller informs Ghost that RaidenSnake likes anime and is a furry, resulting in him raging for almost twenty minutes before ending the broadcast.
  • December 26th, 2016
  • January 12th, 2017
    • Episode Number: 432
    • Length: 2:49:08
    • Reason: Ghost was sent into an unintelligible rage after getting trolled non-stop during Radio Graffiti. He then raged at people on Twitter posting pictures of a quadparalegic cosplayer of the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Boogie before ending the show.
  • January 13th, 2017
    • Episode Number: 433
    • Length: 2:44:09
    • Reason: A failtroll called in during Radio Graffiti to make a Pizzagate joke. This resulted in Ghost giving out the caller's number after he kept annoying him and ending the show. He later apologized for how he acted towards the caller, adding that he does not approve of pedophilia.
  • January 27th, 2017
    • Episode Number: 441
    • Length: 1:35:18
    • Reason: Ghost was pissed off that the Alt-Right was a front for Kremlin agents, and also on how his show is only listened to by Troll Terrorists and people under 20. Ghost then ended the show during the second hour, without taking calls or doing the Markets, and claimed that he might not be coming back to the show at all, but he returned anyway the following Monday. This is currently the third shortest regular episode in the show's history.
  • February 2nd, 2017
    • Episode Number: 445
    • Length: 2:40:10
    • Reason: A clip of Elfoxoloco and other Inner Circle members talking about how Ghost is a conspiracy nut in the Inner Circle voice server was leaked and played on the show, causing Ghost to rage over being betrayed and abruptly end the broadcast.
  • February 14th, 2017
    • Episode Number: 452
    • Length: 1:45:40
    • Reason: Ghost ended the show early because he was still in a bad mood since the previous broadcast. He was also worried about Donald Trump's administration being in danger due to Michael T. Flynn resigning and blaming Russia, and was pissed that people were not listening to him. Ghost also went on a rant that his listeners paid more attention to celebrities and cartoons. Another possible reason is that he possibly wanted to enjoy Valentine's Day with his wife.
  • May 3rd, 2017
    • Episode Number: 498
    • Length: 2:43:18
    • Reason: Ghost was already in a bad mood due to how he saw his listeners as "cartoon fetish freaks", and over trolls making cupcake and squirrel-related Shoutout names. During Radio Graffiti, someone leaked audio of Ghost arguing with TrumpinCapitalist, resulting in him ending the show early.
  • December 15th, 2017
  • January 26th, 2018
    • Episode Number: 537
    • Length: 1:48:28
    • Reason: A shoutout name titled "$3.99 to Talk to an Old Meme", and a post on Gab of Ghost's avatar with Pepe the Frog edited onto it, which caused him to go on a tirade over not being a "Feels Bad Man" and ending the broadcast.
  • March 14th, 2018
    • Episode Number: 556
    • Length: 2:29:34
    • Reason: After ranting over Generation X and Millennials not being politically informed, involved, and not making an effort to take government positions away from the Baby Boomers, Ghost became too enraged to continue the broadcast.
  • March 21st, 2018
    • Episode Number: 559
    • Length: 1:19:23
    • Reason: After Shoutouts, Ghost ranted that many people who participated in the 2016 elections to get Trump elected ended up going back to their lives instead of continuing to fight to end corruption in America, and on how it was his 2nd anniversary of coming back in 2016, and he feels that nothing has changed. He ended the show saying that he may or may not come back, but he still came back on Friday. This is the second shortest regular episode.
  • August 20th, 2018
    • Episode Number: 606
    • Length: 2:23:48
    • Reason: People "cloning" InsaneEnergy's name and profile picture in the TCR chatroom, and generally nobody was listening to Ghost, causing him to rant about how most of the people who listen to him are from 4chan, and thus don't care much about the things that he's saying.
  • August 31st, 2018
    • Episode Number: 612
    • Length: 2:51:13
    • Reason: Nobody called into the show to talk, and hardly anybody was talking in the TCR Chatroom, so Ghost decided to end the show early seeing how people were losing interest, and stated that he might take Monday off due to it being Labor Day. Note that Ghost wasn't entirely angry over people not calling up as he figured a group of his listeners were getting ready for a Labor Day weekend vacation. Still, he did leave in annoyance over his show getting shown on Ralph Retort.
  • October 31st, 2018
    • Episode Number: 634
    • Length: 2:16:50
    • Reason: Ghost became enraged with the fact that nobody was spreading the show or donating to the Cryptocurrency Wishing Well, causing him to go off on Millennials some more and state that the show might be ending again depending on the way the midterms go.
  • November 2nd, 2018
    • Episode Number: 635
    • Length: 2:09:44
    • Reason: Ghost started the show off upset, going off on many rants about Millennials, then ended the show at the start of the third hour due to not having any production notes ready, and wanting to enjoy his Baller Friday.
  • November 14th, 2018
    • Episode Number: 640
    • Length: 2:08:34
    • Reason: Ghost ranted about Millennials and news headlines, and due to being fed up with the show, its listeners, and the current political landscape, he announced that he would be taking a break from the internet, playing Ozzy Osbourne's "Goodbye to Romance" while giving a speech before abruptly ending the show. This is the Last Episode of True Capitalist Radio.

2019 edition

  • February 1st, 2019
    • Episode Number: 15
    • Length: 3:26:05
    • Reason: Ghost was bombarded with Media Share and TTS trolls, which eventually caused him to give up and end the broadcast. There were no Shoutouts or Radio Graffiti.
  • February 13th, 2019
    • Episode Number: 20
    • Length: 2:26:09
    • Reason: Ghost was enraged greatly by Text-to-Speech donations doing the news topics he was going to cover, resulting in him having a breakdown and wheezing heavily. He eventually rage quit after trolls mocked him that he didn't have the balls to end the show.
  • February 18th, 2019
    • Episode Number: 22
    • Length: 2:28:49
    • Reason: Ghost was pissed off when people in the chat played a game of Cards Against Humanity, and also by Jackler holding a quiz game during the show. He eventually quit after trolls began saying that they won.
  • April 29th, 2019
    • Episode Number: 49
    • Length: 5:15:15
    • Reason: Ghost was pissed off by people rushing him to get to Radio Graffiti and to insult him, causing him to refuse to do the segment at the suggestion of Twilie Atkins.
  • July 1st, 2019
    • Episode Number: 74
    • Length: Unknown
    • Reason: The episode was cut short when YouTube took it down mid-stream after it was reported for "hate speech" due to Ghost saying the word "faggot". After this episode, Ghost began broadcasting on VaughnLIVE instead.
  • August 9th, 2019
    • Episode Number: 89
    • Length: 2:36:28
    • Reason: Ghost was hit with by the TriHard Community sending multiple $15 donations linking him to shocker videos with vulgar material and n-bombs, causing him to rage hard and quit the show.
  • September 4th, 2019
    • Episode Number: 96
    • Length: 3:27:41
    • Reason: Ghost once again getting hit with multiple $18.66 donations linking him to videos with vulgar material.
  • September 27th, 2019
    • Episode Number: 103
    • Length: 4:39:13
    • Reason: Ghost was angry over a $18.66 donation of Alex Jones voicing a Chinese dragon named Fentanyl the Chicom Dragon that Ghost claimed was a ripoff of his Mr. Fortune Cookie character. This led to him finishing the rest of the donations and leaving without doing Shoutouts or Radio Graffiti.
  • October 28th, 2019
    • Episode Number: 113
    • Length: 3:28:48
    • Reason: A comment in the chat that said "The Jungle Has HIV" as well as a 25-dollar donation telling Ghost to get to Shoutouts, which caused him to rant at the audience that they should "be kissing his ass".
  • November 15th, 2019
    • Episode Number: 118
    • Length: 3:52:09
    • Reason: Ghost quit due to too many 18.66 buckers being donated, with one having a gross pop-up.

2020 Edition

  • July 7th 2020
    • Episode Number: 176
    • Length: 8:39:23
    • Reason: A video made by Steven Stinkyverse Reborn was donated, and the video was a face reveal of Ghost found on an old VHS, and all of the pictures and videos showed Keith Rockford. This caused Ghost to end the show early.
  • September 1st, 2020
    • Episode Number: 188
    • Length: 1:23:26
    • Reason: Ghost quit due to problems with DLive streaming his show along with being spammed with multiple TTS donations. With Ghost ending the show regretting doing the show. While contemplating either canceling the show or taking a month-long hiatus.

2021 Edition

  • June 1st, 2021
    • Episode Number: 229
    • Length: 3:01:20
    • Reason: DLive banned Ghost's stream after streaming for 3 hours. Ghost attempted to restart the stream on Vaughn.live, but became frustrated over the loss of viewers. Which made Ghost quit the episode early.
  • December 9th, 2021
    • Episode Number: 266
    • Length: 3:23:00
    • Reason: Ghost was receiving spam text-to-speech donations back-to-back, making Ghost ragequit, claiming that he would finish the video donations on Sunday. He would later tweet, and then later apologize on Twitter.

2022 Edition

The Ghost Show

  • March 6th, 2022
    • Episode Number: 278
    • Length: 0:47:11
    • Reason: Ghost would be enraged during the whole show after many TTS donations came in and an Inner Circle member alerted Ghost (resulting in Ghost kicking the member out of the IC). Ghost later quit after doing his news segment around the first hour of the show. With Ghost wishing for the donors to be drafted. Ghost later deleted his announcement of the episode on Twitter.
  • September 1st, 2022
    • Episode Number: 301
    • Length: 1:12:28
    • Reason: Ghost would ragequit due to a donator trying to make him read his fanfic.
  • September 8th, 2022
    • Episode Number: 303
    • Length: 5:05:26
    • Reason: Ghost quit the show during Radio Graffiti after someone played a splice of exposing Ghost for charging his audience to pay for Radio Graffiti.

True Capitalist Radio

  • September 15th, 2022
    • Episode Number: 575
    • Length: 0:06:02
    • Reason: Ghost would quit the show shortly after trolls began donating him on BuyMeACoffee instead of DonationAlerts. His voice was also messed up.

2023 Edition

The Ghost Show

  • April 6th, 2023
    • Episode Number: 336
    • Length: 6:30:20
    • Reason: Ghost quit the show in shock after someone donated him a gay porn video.
  • October 13th, 2023
    • Episode Number: 344
    • Length: 2:10:12
    • Reason: Ghost quit the show after being donated a video of a song from the video game Half-Life, with it having gay porn in the middle of the video.

True Capitalist Radio

  • July 18th, 2023
    • Episode Number: 720
    • Length: 2:17:17
    • Reason: Ghost quits after Donation Alerts suffered issues, unable to skip any donation messages, and ending with Ghost yelling.

2024 Edition

True Capitalist Radio

  • January 4th, 2024
    • Episode Number: 756
    • Length: 2:19:43
    • Reason: Ghost quit after being annoyed by many donors either insulting or annoying him.