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Real Talk with Eddie Hinkle and Jacob Green is an amateur Blog Talk Radio show that is meant to mimic True Capitalist Radio hosted by Ghost in many respects. It has a 30 minute live broadcast with a 15 minute aftershow. It regularly broadcasts weekdays at 10 P.M. CST. It typically lacks a central topic. The show is meant to be a place for fans of True Capitalist Radio to gather after it ends.

The Hosts

The show is hosted by Jacob Green, a red-head brony from Arkansas with a case of asperger's syndrome, and Eddie Hinkle, an infrequent anonymous troll on Radio Graffiti. The show also takes a page from Goofy Bone by having mimic The Engineer. As well as that, they are a great deal more difficult to irritate than Ghost is, making this show excellent practice for splicing and remixing, as they won't drop the call. It has been recently discovered that it is possible to make Eddie and Jacob rage quit if you besmirch the name of Keemstar or play Queen music, specifically "Don't Stop Me Now".

Both of them enjoy it when callers play guitar music, especially if it's done live and not a recording.


On their show, they've had a few guests who have participated in True Capitalist Radio broadcasts such as RationalRyan, and lately they've had G on multiple times. It is rumored that Ghost listens to their show.

Random Vandalism/True Penguin Radio/True Randomness Radio

Random Vandalism is the Real Talk counterpart to Radio Graffiti, and has since been renamed True Randomness Radio. During this time, Eddie or Jacob will take callers and attempt to emulate Ghost, right down to copying some of his obscure responses. They do show mercy, however, as they will not drop the call, unfairly ragequit, doxx anyone or call them back.

It's been stated that there will occasionally be a guest star, Peter the Penguin, on the broadcast. This will change the name to True Penguin Radio. It began on June 8, 2016 in response to the complete lack of Radio Graffiti on Ghost's show for that day. It received a small amount of trolls from Ghost's show and even multiple speed remixes. Jacob responded them as best he could to emulate Ghost including multiple cans.wav.

Peter the Penguin is much easier to troll than either Eddie or Jacob, easily raging at 'bullies'. He'll even be hesitant to take repeat troll callers, sometimes skipping them unless Eddie or Jacob tells him to take the call. Peter is the only one of the trio that will ever rage quit, thought most often only if you bring up melting the ice caps, leopard seals, or simply talking in an evil voice. Peter has been known to puke instead of cans.wav.

As of late, Peter has not been on the show much. It was stated at 18:54 in the Troll War IV Emergency Broadcast that it was because Eddie didn't think 'Patrick the Puffin' was a good character. Eddie also suspected that Ghost was borrowing some ideas from this character, saying that Fat Tuna was a copy of Patrick the Puffin. It is unknown if it is true or not.

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