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Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (born 26 February 1954) is the current President of Turkey, a role that he has served since 2014. During July 15, 2016's episode of True Capitalist Radio, he was prominently discussed due to a failed coup d'etat attempt to remove him from power. Ghost was completely sickened at the situation in Turkey that day, while tweeting the unfolding conflict as it happened that Baller Friday. The anti-Erdoğan faction and the Turkish Armed Forces clashed, ending with 179 civilians being killed, approximately 270-350 killed overall, and more than 2,000 being wounded. All while that was happening during that broadcast, Ghost blamed BlogTalkRadio for "censoring" his anti-Islam and pro-military coup views.

After the coup failed, Ghost recreated the World War III theory he originally did with Iran back in February 2012, but this time Turkey replaced Iran, forming in what he thought was the "New Ottoman Empire" under Erdoğan's leadership.

Despite the 2015 shooting down of a Russian jet by the Turkish military, Ghost noticed the rapidly improving relations with Russia and Turkey since the conflict. Several weeks after the failed coup attempt, Russian president Vladimir Putin and Erdoğan vowed to repair the ties between the two countries.


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