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Now I am not an atheist, I know all you idiots wanna sit over here and say that I'm an atheist. I do not believe that we were shitted out of a goddamn monkeys ass and evolved into some kind of ebino Homo Sapien alright.

—Ghost, denying he's an atheist

Religion as defined by Wikipedia is a cultural system of behaviors and practices, world views, sacred texts, holy places, ethics, and societal organization that relate humanity to what an anthropologist has called "an order of existence". Different religions may or may not contain various elements, ranging from the "divine", "sacred things", "faith", a "supernatural being or supernatural beings" or "...some sort of ultimacy and transcendence that will provide norms and power for the rest of life."

Religion is a fairly common subject in True Capitalist Radio and Ghost has discussed his views towards different religious groups as well as his own personal beliefs several times in the shows history.

Ghost's religious views

Ghost is a theist in that he believes in the existence of god. However, he has almost always been critical of organized religion as well as atheism. Ghost hasn't confirmed being a part of any religious group thus far, though it's known that he's married.  It is almost certain that Ghost at least used to be a Christian, given the demographics of America in general and conservatives in particular, his frequent use of Christian-based profanities ("Jesus Christ" being the most common), and some of his apparent beliefs. However, his current beliefs are only very loosely connected to mainstream Christianity.

Ghost believes certain events are "signs from God", perhaps done in retribution for wicked actions; for example, a sinkhole opening near the Canadian parliament as retribution for the country's "legalization" of bestiality. However, he has also said that he distinguishes a benevolent "creator" from the evil "god of this world" (citing 2 Corinthians 4:4), who he implicitly identifies with the Abrahamic Satan. In opposition to the mainstream Abrahamic religions, Ghost's description of the God-Satan relationship is closer to dualism than monotheism. He frequently repeats a nihilistic philosophy that the purpose of all life is to "kill and eat another living organism", and has said that people are put into this state of suffering as a form of punishment or "hell", under the control of the "god of this world", for sins in a past life.

In Capitalist Episode 402 Ghost said that he had not been that religious for most of his life until recently when the grim events of the world drove him closer to God. He then immediately contradicted himself by reiterating that God still isn't affiliated with this world and that 'someone other than God' is in charge. Due to this statement, Ghost is likely either agnostic or just making this up for the entertainment of his fans.

Quite appropriately, Ghost has mentioned that his god doesn't care how much alcohol he uses.

Ghost's views on different religions and religious groups

Ghost has expressed his opinions towards several religious groups in his broadcasting career.


Looking at many of Ghost's anti-intellectual opinions and beliefs, it's not too surprising that Ghost has a negative view of atheism. Ghost has called out atheists for believing that humans where "shitted out of some goddamn monkeys ass." Ghost believes that God has killed notable atheists such as Joseph Stalin and Christopher Hitchens out of anger towards their beliefs.


Ghost seems to disapprove of Roman Catholicism, largely due to its beliefs in a centralized religious authority which he believes is involved in conspiracy theories, supported by the Church's very real coverups of child molestation by its priests. The Capitalist Confessions segment of True Capitalist Radio is clearly based on confession in Catholicism, including his character of "Father Ghost" and nonsensical chanting based on the denomination's historical use of Latin as a liturgical language. Ghost has repeatedly attacked the Church's current Pope Francis for his "leftist" statements, including skepticism toward capitalism and concern about global warming.


Ghost has been extremely critical of Islam throughout his broadcasting career calling it "a religion of fear". When Ghost expressed his belief that theocracy is the world's greatest threat, it's very likely he was referring to Islam. Ghost believes that Moderate Islam is even more dangerous than Radical Islam because they are willing to overlook the violence that is committed by Radical Islamists. Ghost has been especially critical of how liberals and the LGBT community are willing to overlook Islamic extremism and violence even when they are its targets, calling it "liberal hypocrisy".

Ghost's views towards Islam seem to have calmed down somewhat after several Muslims joined Ghost's Inner Circle, and he is now at least willing to admit that not all Muslims are "Wild Jahooties". However he still has, overall, very one-sided and generally hateful views towards them.


Ghost has been mostly neutral towards Jews in the history of True Capitalist Radio and he has been a staunch supporter of Israel throughout his radio career, even calling them United States' greatest ally. Because of this, some callers have accused Ghost of being a Jew or even a shill for JIDF. Ghost, however, has always denied these allegations. Ghost occasionally gets calls from antisemitic conspiracy theorists who believe in the existence of Jewish world order and Zionist Occupation Governments. Ghost has responded to these calls by stating that rich and influential Jews are merely a part of the powerful elite that control the world and that belief in Jewish world control is both racist and an oversimplification of the situation.

The ethnic slur towards Jews kike is one of the few derogatory terms Ghost refuses to use, citing it as being antisemitic. Ghost also often accuses callers of antisemitism when they call him a Jew (while fervently denying this as well), asking what their problem with Jews is. TrumpinCapitalist is a notable caller in TCR who is of Jewish descent.

However, Ghost is not entirely free from antisemitic tendencies. While he usually limits himself to lighthearted mockery of Jewish practices, such as joking about "us[ing] yarmulkes as coffee filters", Ghost has also borrowed some arguably antisemitic memes from other right-wing movements such as /pol/, including "Oy vey, they know, shut it down", use of triple parentheses and an obsessive hatred of Jewish business magnate George Soros.


Though Ghost has not commented extensively on Mormons, he has mocked their beliefs from time to time, such as referring to Mormon politician Mitt Romney as "Magic Underpants" due to his religion.


Ghost views satanism as a ridiculous practice. He has called out people who had committed satanic or violent acts after listening to satanic music as idiots. Ghost went on to say that whoever was influenced by a simple audio file had whatever was gonna happen to them coming. As with Judaism, some listeners of the show have accused Ghost of being a satanist and as with Judaism he has denied these accusations.

Satanism has been a central part of Ghost's Conspiracy Theories since his return as he believes that satanic people are secretly infuencing US politics and trying to take over the world. Most notable of these theories is "Pizzagate", which accuses numerous Republican and Democratic Party members as well as the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington D.C. of being involved in satanic practices as well as child kidnappings and pedophilia.

Ghost's references to the "God of this world" in his ramblings on his own theology and cosmology likely refer to a Satan-like figure, arguably meaning Ghost does technically hold satanic beliefs.

Westboro Baptist Church

Ghost has described the activity of Westboro Baptist Church as disgusting attention whoring. Despite their behavior, Ghost doesn't want to ban their activity believing this would be an infringement on freedom of the speech. Instead, Ghost recommends people who are picketed by the church to either get private security or to keep their ceremonies private.