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Jesus Christ man... HOW MANY REMIXES ARE THERE?! There's literally over 9,000 of them by now!


A remix is a special mixing of audio that usually takes something Ghost says or sings, and slaps it over an already existing song.

To Ghost's credit (for having an amusingly wide vocal range), a massive number of popular songs have been remixed under his impressions of them by manipulating his cover of the song through audio software, then playing the results back to him during Radio Graffiti. Ghost's reactions to these clips vary considerably - from mild displeasure to Rage Quit inducing, depending on the content and quality.

As a result, remixes are one of the most popular Trolling Tactics on the show, and arguably demonstrate an artistic side of the True Capitalist Radio community through the numerous and creative clips they have come up with to besmirch Ghost.


Making remixes as a trolling technique started after DarkRazorZ's videos brought many new listeners to the broadcast. A number of trolls began making songs out of one of Ghost's Melting Pot of Friendship rants from a June 2011 broadcast (which had a very exploitable rhythmic quality). By August 2011, songs from Video Games were occasionally being played during Radio Graffiti, and caught the attention of Ghost, who did not find these 'circus songs' in good humor, and began to rage whenever he heard them. Naturally, more and more were produced after this fact.

The 'Melting Pot of Alcohol' remix by DJ Alex S. (first played on the show on August 22nd, 2011) is generally considered the king of all remixes, and inspired the creation of even more audio of Ghost singing afterwards, which he took with great offense, threatening slander charges against the music-makers who posted their audio exploits to YouTube to no avail.

Remixes are now a common occurrence on True Capitalist Radio, with hundreds having been made (although many were lost in the 4 year lull) and played on the show. A number of talented remixers get special prominence for their clips, often being saved for the last call of the day so that Ghost can purposefully rage himself out of a broadcast. The most notable of these individuals include NavyHuskie, CelticBrony, CosmoBrockington, and Coodoo17.

The Remix Cycle

Generally, the creation of a remix loosely follows this pattern of events.

  1. A caller plays an audio clip of a song directly to Ghost or on an instrument. He recognizes the tune, and proceeds to sing a few lyrics - or when he doesn't remember them, a number of perverse lines in melody often involving 'sucking on his schlong'. Ghost will sometimes give his opinion of the band or composer afterwards (more often than not a negative one).
  2. After the show (or even during one) a troll proceeds to slap the new audio over an existing instrumental track of the original song - to make it sound as if it were karaoke. More adventurous remixers will add sound effects, pitch-shifts with goat noises and popular Ghost phrases to garnish the final result.
  3. The aforementioned remixer calls the show and plays the sound file. Ghost's eventual reaction is an entire wildcard in itself, often determined by his mood, how much he hates the song/artist, and the sound quality of the clip. Often he will not rage, merely muttering his famous line of another remix adding to the 'over 9000' already out there. On the other hand, the lucky timing of a call and if the content within is relevant and has irritated Ghost throughout the day already can bring that show to an end.
  4. Sometimes, but not always, the remix will then be posted to YouTube so listeners can enjoy it in high quality (and Newfags with no original material can then attempt to play it again at a later date).

Popular Songs

Several popular remixes have been made taking Ghost's voice and putting it over already existing songs. Some of the most famous of these are the "Inspector Hambone", "She Blinded Me with Science", among others.

Remixing Ghost with famous songs he knows, especially ones from bands or artists he dislikes (examples: the Dave Matthews Band, Eminem and Nickelback) is one of the best ways to troll Ghost.

Music from Video Games is commonly used; a remix of a song from Dr. Mario got Ghost very angry throughout August 2011, and there have been mixes of Zelda, Team Fortress 2, and even Contra.

Original Songs

While most remixes are done using already existing songs, some splicers and remixers have composed their own original songs for Ghost. The most famous is DJ Alex S.'s Ghostie-award winning song. "Melting Pot of Alcohol". There is also a form of remix that is technically not a remix at all: a song sung by the caller, either live on the air or prerecorded, insulting Ghost in some way. Ghost has termed these "insult carols". Before becoming famous for his remixes, Coodoo17 often utilized these "insult carols" as a trolling technique.

Creating Remixes

Remixes are generally simple to create because it's just a matter of combining Ghost singing and the real song. A good sound editing program is Audacity. Audacity does all the basic audio editing functions a splicer or remixer should need and is available as freeware. Take tutorials from YouTube if you are new to sound editing in general. Listen to older broadcasts (before June 2011) and find portions where Ghost sings a song - those broadcasts are not listened to anymore, so there is lots of unused content that can be utilized (it will also anger Ghost since he will have forgotten by now to have ever said/sung those things).

A high quality remix such as Melting Pot of Alcohol can require more extensive knowledge in music-making online. Adding Ghost's voice into an original song takes the least work of all - as it is just more splicing and pitch shifting normally. Listen to other remixes to get the idea of what should be placed in one and how it should flow.

Speed Remixing

There are three types of Speed Remixes:

  1. On several occasions Ghost has sung lines from a song only to have it completely remixed and played during Radio Graffiti less than 15 minutes later, or simply within the same episode. This technique always makes him rage hard, even after the Return. Daniel Bryan splices became popular off of the anger generated from the immediacy of these remixes.
  2. Skype callers BanjoTheBear and KazooieTheBird (who have both called in during the 2011-12 era) made literal speed remixes, taking old remixes or audio files Ghost said only seconds before, and increasing either their tempo, pitch, or both. Thai Fruit Dragon has begun to resurrect this type of Speed Remix following the decline of Daniel Bryan splices in its inverse - birthing Half a Tard Ghost. Cartoon Ghost was also created with this technique in mind - altering Ghost's voice to sound like a cartoon character with background music, usually from Video Games, often had rage-inducing reactions from him.
  3. Some callers will reproduce sections of a song word-for-word with clips of different phrases Ghost says throughout his shows (in a sort of spoken-word style) to paste together lines from a song. The success rate of these remixes hovers, often because Ghost cannot understand what is being played because of the fast delivery of the lyrics, however this is also Boat073's primary form of trolling, and is usually successful when he does it.

Ghost refers to essentially all Speed Remixes as "Internet Buttstalker-esque", as he feels that the close following of the show necessary to make them requires a stalker-like obsession with him.


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