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Rick & Morty is an adult animated TV show that first aired on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] programming block on December 1st, 2013. The show became a trolling tactic and show topic when Ghost came back from his 6 month break, when he discussed the Szechuan Sauce and "Pickle Rick" phenomena. Naturally, this led to many shoutout names and splices relating to the show. This was a similar scenario to the Cleveland Show calls and the Daniel Bryan splices, these calls not only annoyed Ghost, but also annoyed the rest of the TCR community in a small timeframe. This is due to the majority of calls being failtrolls, who call up resulting in Ghost going on either rants about Autism or just sheer annoyance.

Many in the community, support the claim that had Ghost not mentioned the show on a rant, the calls and shoutouts wouldn't have existed. However, others who are defending the show, claim that Rick and Morty brings content to the broadcast, along with getting Ghost infuriated.

Rick & Morty isn't the only [adult swim] that's been used to troll Ghost, however. Ghost has been hit with audio of both songs and advertisements from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job, mostly during the pre-return era. Occasionally, some trolls played audio from The Boondocks, usually racist tunes.

Ghost mentioned during Episode 450 that he felt that [adult swim] went downhill when Assy McGee was cancelled.

The meme itself.


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