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Rina-chan, known in reality as Kira Buckland, is a voice actress. She is known for voicing Twilight Sparkle in the infamous PONY.MOV series, and also provides voices for anime and video games as well.

She is a former caller on the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. Typical calls from her included recordings her imitations of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic characters. Humorusly, Ghost sometimes tried to respond to these recordings. Other than imitations, she sometimes called as herself, including one time where Ghost thought she was a transexual.

One of her most notable calls was during Radio Graffiti in Episode 205, where she called in as Twilight Sparkle repeatedly shouting, "Suck mah dick! Suck mah dick!", causing Ghost to cans.wav. This was taken even further when the SMD Guy himself was the next caller. In an earlier episode, Rina called in as Twilight shouting, "Suck mah flank!", although this failed to anger Ghost.

To this day, the original audio clips used on Ghost's previous shows have still been uncovered, though a few have been shared through multiple viewers or callers of the show.

She was one of the many callers not to return when Ghost came back in 2016.


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