Roy Moore

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Roy Stewart Moore (born February 11, 1947), also known as Judge Roy Moore, is an American Republican politician and former Alabama Chief Justice of the state's Supreme Court. He was also a senate candidate for former Alabama senator Jeff Sessions' vacant senate seat in November 2017. When Ghost returned from The Break in late 2017, he endorsed Moore. However, he faced criticism because he was accused of sexual misconduct towards a few then-underaged girls, leading to GOP Establishment members reluctant to endorse him, one of which was Paul Ryan. Moore would end up losing to his Democrat opponent, Doug Jones, where he refused to concede from the Senator election. Ghost saw this ordeal as a similar character assassination as what Herman Cain went through during his presidential run and reminded his audience that this incident showed just how far the Liberals were willing to go to destroy Donald Trump's presidency.

For most of November 2017, Ghost encountered names during Gab shoutouts referencing both Moore's accusations and his loss, both of which caused cans.wav. On Thanksgiving 2017, he rage quit that episode after a sick sadistic splice was played involving him and Roy Moore. Interestingly, both he and Herman Cain had similar fates: both GOP candidates for brought down by allegations of sexual misconduct, except Moore was running for Senator and Cain was running for U.S. President.

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