Saturday Night Show Episode 1

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Broadcast Number: 1

Broadcast Date: March 4th, 2017

Description: After the Optimism versus Fortune Cookie wars, Ghost was forced to comprise with the fate of Radio Graffiti. So many people purchased Fortune Cookie to ignore! Ghost thought long and hard for a solution... Then it came to him, "How about a 2 hour show on Saturday night EXCLUSIVELY for the troll terrorists and cyber vermin who love Radio Graffiti?" Hence, this first show! This is Ghost's olive branch to team Fortune Cookie, please don't mistake his kindness for weakness! Your calls, Twitter shoutouts and Radio Graffiti.

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Ghost made a compromise on Friday's episode to make a 2 hour long show centered around Radio Graffiti that is a standalone spin-off to the main show which would be scheduled every Saturday after a overwhelming vote to make the compromise.

Many skeptics believed that a 2 hour Radio Graffiti would lead to Failtrolls, while others believed it was a relief because it'd give a low chance of Ghost going on his rants and give more time to play more trolls. However, during the first hour, Ghost started calling people that were failtrolls or Inner Circle members, making many wonder if it's really a 1 hour of Radio Graffiti or if Ghost is trying to drag away trolls from the main show.

Teutonic Plague called in during the first hour attempting to plug his show. TrumpinCapitalist said that it was true that his Twitter was taken down and now has an alternate account.

During Shoutouts, many Jewish related names of Ghost were common due to many knowing Ghost pocketed the money and made a contest to divide trolls leading to many raging tirades from Ghost. After Shoutouts, someone tweeted Ghost a picture showing a Wikipedia page of notable Jewish Texans with Ghost being one of them and a picture of Ghost's mother being Anne Frank holding a baby Ghost, leading to more rage from Ghost.

During Radio Graffiti, there were many Obamaphones and Failtrolls including Cleveland callers (which people easily could see through once Ghost started singing along to the calls), although many Jew related calls, and many Anti-Cleveland calls including a Cleveland remix with Nickelback, bringing Ghost into intense anger that he regretted making a show on Saturdays. Pylons played a splice that began with the University of Texas' fight song in which Ghost cut it off and mistook it for the Sooners fight song. Soon after in perfect timing, someone tweeted a UT-themed yarmulke to Ghost. There was a splice besmirching RaidenSnake based on Coodoo's KaraszBurgers splice, causing Ghost to rage and shortly call up RaidenSnake in disgust. Tub Guy made a "final" surprise appearance in a call with the African Booty Scratcher getting shot to death in an arms deal gone wrong complaining about his "dragon dildo of ass destruction". Initially, this splice was considered to be Tub Guy's "death", but he would later return to the character some weeks later. Finally, Doremy Sweet made a splice of Ghost contradicting himself on not advocating violence on the show. There were 17 cans in this episode.

Ghost tweeted a poll after the show on whether the show is good or not. It led to a tight win of Ghost is a Jew at 52%, Love It at 43%, and 5% from We Hate It of 379 votes.


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