Saturday Night Show Episode 10

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Broadcast Number: 10

Broadcast Date: Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Description: Ghost unveils an HIV/AIDS meme "El Poz-hole Fox-Hole" to raise awareness! Ghost discusses how the adult cartoon listeners have turned against him because Ghost refuses to go along with their sick fantasies. Should society be taking this adult cartoon fetish more seriously? Is Internet censorship inevitable with these type of people running amuck?  Your calls, Twitter/Gab shoutouts and Radio Graffiti.

Twitter" [sic] @PoliticsGhost @PoliticsGhost

Links: BlogTalkRadio, The Internet Archive, Download


At the beginning of the broadcast, the TCR intro would play by accident causing Ghost to be pissed. There would only be one cans from shoutouts. During the show, Elfoxoloco would report Ghost to gumroad, leading to going offline and causing Ghost to call out Elfoxo after correctly assuming it was him.

Being a very lengthy Radio Graffiti with 1 hour and 40 minutes (w/ one break), it was a mixed bag filled with Cleveland callers, anime music, more serious fags, and some other fail trolls. On the other side of the coin, the African Booty Scratcher showed up and got cans once again, J-Man sucker-punches Ghost for what he said to him in last week's episode with a splice of Ghost at the White House correspondence dinner, many remixes were played including some of Wilford Brimley, 8Equal would make a SWAT splice based on the name "RaidenFirstTrumpingNext", and Tub Guy got cans in spite of having an Obamaphone. A.B.S. was also imitated in another troll's splice, which failed. Some splices and shoutout names made jabs at ElFoxo, to Ghost's sheer delight. There were also many racist calls in Radio Graffiti, which eventually boiled down to monkey noises and samples of Donkey Kong from Mario Kart 64. Despite the wide variety of splices and callers, there would only be 11 cans from this episode.

Because Ghost was getting tired of cartoon fetishists calling his show, he announced that he would remove Radio Graffiti and possibly Twitter Shoutouts from future weekday shows. This would not happen however, as this would be the final show Ghost would do for a while, as he announced he was taking a break the following day. Ghost would be absent until his eventual return with the 501st episode of TCR on October 31st, 2017.

This was seemingly the final episode of the Saturday Night Troll Show, until Ghost brought back the show on April 20th, 2019.


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