Saturday Night Show Episode 13

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Broadcast Number: 3

Broadcast Date: Saturday, May 4th, 2019

Title: I Should Have Never Agreed to Do This Show For You Trolls!

Duration: 6:00:26

Description: It's the "Saturday Night Troll Show." After what your trolls did to The Ghost Show this week, you all are lucky I'm even here! Ghost goes off on the state of IRL (In Real Life) streaming; is it dead? The Sonic the Hedgehog scandal. This is a free format show, to here goes nothing! You trolls should be kissing my ass! Maybe Radio Graffiti!



At 7 hours and 21 minutes, this is one of the longest episodes Ghost has ever done, breaking the previous record set by Saturday Night Show Episode 12 at 6 hours and 58 minutes until it was surpassed by Saturday Night Show Episode 24

Shortly after the stream ended, it was blocked worldwide except for Japan and Mexico due to copyrighted music being played on the show.

Radio Graffiti

During Radio Graffiti, the Accident-Prone Kids chain-call returned, now directed at Twilie Atkins. A racist remix entitled "I'm an Alabama Engie" was played. A splice of Ghost being racist was played. Serious Samsung played a splice of Ghost as Patrick Star. A failed Germit impersonator called in. Finally, Asrielkekker appeared, calling Ghost gay and a cuck, resulting in him raging and ending Radio Graffiti.


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