Saturday Night Show Episode 18

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Broadcast Number: 8

Broadcast Date: Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Description: It's the "Saturday Night Troll Show." Will Ghost open the phone lines early today? Did Ghost purchase minutes on the "dateline?" Who knows what will happen! Ghost makes this a "free-format" edition, we talk about whatever you want to talk about. Maybe Radio Graffiti!

Part 1:

Part 2:


This is the first Saturday Night episode broadcasted over VaughnLIVE. Ghost did 3 chatroom shoutouts in a row.

While Ghost was raiding some livestreams, Spermy the Cat managed to get several shoutouts from various streamers, much to Ghost's dismay.

The Dateline

During the Dateline, Ghost chats with a Transgender caller, and expresses his desire to role-play the Confederacy, part of it involving the N-word. Ghost actually says the N-word when he states how he would role-play during sex, resulting in several racist splices being played on the next episode of The Ghost Show during that episode's Radio Graffiti.

In addition, he also chats with an elderly woman of color, who subsequently sees through his lies, and calls him a weak person, causing Ghost to cans.wav.

Radio Graffiti

There was no radio graffiti for this episode, despite the trolls attempting to motivate him to do so, since Ghost claimed he was too tired to continue further.


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