Saturday Night Show Episode 2

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Broadcast Number: 2

Broadcast Date: March 11th, 2017

Description: Ghost gets locked out of his Twitter by the Alt-Right! Ghost discusses the new Nintendo Switch and the future of gaming. There is a mainstream "lame-stream" media propaganda campaign against trolls. Your calls, Twitter/Gab shoutouts, and of course 1 full hour Radio Graffiti! Anything and everything can happen; it's the Saturday night troll show! 

Twitter: @PoliticsGhost @PoliticsGhost

Links: BlogTalkRadio, The Internet Archive, Download


The show overall was a mixed bag, with Ghost dedicating the starting section to the fact he had been temporarily suspended from Twitter by the Alt Right. After a discussion on the Nintendo Switch and competitive video games, Ghost took both Twitter and Gab shoutouts.

Radio Graffiti was a cavalcade of butter commercials as a result of the previous episode's antics, Cleveland calls, and failtrolls. There were chain-calls of the Scout from Team Fortress 2 saying "Need a dispenser here", causing Ghost to go insane, but thankfully for him, the calls stopped when RaidenSnake explained it to him. The Ban All Bronies chain-call returned to cause cans.wav. Aside from the chain-calls, there were notable appearances from Nightprowler and Twilie Atkins. There were 21 cans in this episode.


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