Saturday Night Show Episode 28

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Broadcast Number: 18

Chronologically: 28

Broadcast Date: Saturday, October 26th, 2019

Description: It's the "Saturday Night Troll Show." Will Ghost open the phone lines early today? Did Ghost purchase minutes on the "dateline?" Who knows what will happen! Ghost makes this a "free-format" edition, we talk about whatever you want to talk about. Maybe Radio Graffiti!

Links: Internet Archive: Odysee:


According to Ghost, due to technical difficulties on VaughnLIVE's end, this episode didn't archive on his account, and as a result, Cans Abuser's relay is the only way to watch this episode.

As Cans migrated his Ghost-related content into separate channels, he has reuploaded it to an Odysee channel dedicated to hosting Ghost's show archive (In addition to the current archive he hosts at The Internet Archive).


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