Saturday Night Show Episode 3

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Broadcast Number: 3

Broadcast Date: Saturday, March 18th, 2017

Description: What do the graphics on Mass Effect: Andromeda mean about the current game development. Trolling is now a Federal Crime thanks to Kurt Eichenwald; what's the future of trolling? And other trolling/gaming/cyber culture related issues. Your calls, Twitter/Gab shoutouts and Radio Graffiti!

Twitter: @PoliticsGhost @PoliticsGhost

Links: BlogTalkRadio, The Internet Archive, Download


Ghost opened the show with second fastest cans by 2 minutes and 28 seconds due to him accidentally playing the True Capitalist Radio intro.

During Shoutouts, Ghost saw many Texas names, a tweet of Engineer surrounded by many women, and Chuck Berry jokes. After seeing that Chuck Berry died, Ghost played "No Particular Place to Go" as a tribute.

During Radio Graffiti, Ghost was hit with Team Fortress 2 chain-calls related to the "Need a dispenser here" troll from the last SNTS episode, including other TF2-related trolls, and someone playing The Cleveland Show theme remixed with "Need a dispenser here". with a splice of Ghost saying "I freaking love child pornography!" at the end, causing him to cans.wav and almost end the show. There were two insta-splices, one by Boat, and a Cartoon splice by Pylons. 8Equal called in twice, with one call being a splice of Tamina cheating on Ghost with the Engineer after he abused her, followed by Ghost raping the Engineer and then getting shot, and an intro splice called "True Troll War Radio". Ghost joked that he would sell "Mah Keedz" merchandise if the trolls wanted a third hour of the Saturday Show. People took this seriously, causing Ghost to rage. Finally, Doremy Sweet played a splice of Ghost getting killed by the Engineer from Team Fortress 2. There were 25 cans in this episode.


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