Saturday Night Show Episode 36

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Broadcast Number: 26

Chronologically: 36

Broadcast Date: Saturday, February 8th, 2020

Description: It's the "Saturday Night Troll Show." Will Ghost open the phone lines early today? Did Ghost purchase minutes on the "dateline?" Who knows what will happen! Ghost makes this a "free-format" edition, we talk about whatever you want to talk about. Maybe Radio Graffiti!



At a certain point in the Dateline segment, Ghost was role-playing (with a black woman) as Robert E. Lee and shouted the n-word with a hard "R". Radio Graffiti contained chain calls of a Dixieland remix and other race-related calls as a result of this incident.

Other highlights of Radio Graffiti included an almost-return of the notorious Teutonic Plague, Aardhamon singing a duet with Ghost, someone named Animdude as Ghost's Granny, STMike splicing Ghost into a heart attack, and people donating to Ghost to call them just so they say nothing.


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