Saturday Night Show Episode 4

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Broadcast Number: 4

Broadcast Date: Saturday, March 25th, 2017

Description: Do YouTubers actually have any talent? Or are they self absorbed, sympathy peddling, talentless life losers who have tapped into audiences who identify? And is YouTuber JonTron being made a scape goat for more YouTube demonetization? Ghost takes your calls on what should actually constitute as talent on the Internet. Your calls, Twitter shoutouts and (of course) Radio Graffiti.

Twitter: @PoliticsGhost @PoliticsGhost

Links: BlogTalkRadio, The Internet Archive, Download


This episode marked the one year anniversary of Ghost's return.

During Twitter/Gab Shoutouts, Ghost was bombarded with Urinal Cake pictures started by TheChairSniffer in response to SilentCapitalist's Cake he made to celebrate one year since the Return. The trolls continued to tweet them to Ghost throughout Radio Graffiti, as also made a real cake for the Engineer.

During Radio Graffiti, a Urinal Cake commercial played in response to the tweets Ghost had been getting. Fuck You Texas also made a presence on the show, causing Ghost to rage. SuperSmash played a political splice exploiting Donald Trump about repealing and replacing Obamacare, causing Ghost to to get pissed over people combining the Troll Show with politics.

Striver played a Power Rangers splice with Eeyore, Scarlet Moon, Brony Drumming, the African Booty Scratcher, Twilie Atkins, and Tamina The Trap fighting a giant Ghost destroying San Hambonio. Many calls were targeted at RaidenSnake, including a Grand Theft Auto UK splice by Nightprowler, a remix of The Fox by Ylvis from Twilie Atkins, and a parody of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by 8Equal in reference to his splice on Wednesday. Germit the Gay Frog called in three times narrating a parody of the "Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life." meme, much to Ghost's disgust.

The Arab Prince called up, demanding that Ghost put an end to the Saturday Night Troll Show, in response, the trolls tweeted at Ghost calling for The Arabian Prince to be banned from the show as well as calling him a sell out to the Arabs.

Finally, Tub Guy called in saying that he filled up his tub with Pie and Mash at the "Troll Retirement Home" and invited Ghost and RaidenSnake for some "Traditional London Fair", causing Ghost to end the show cans.waving several times while shouting "I'm sick of this!"


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