Saturday Night Show Episode 8

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Broadcast Number: 8

Broadcast Date: Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Description: After Nintendo discontinues NES classic, they announce a SNES classic? Is competitive gaming (eSports) going to take over real mainstream sports? Twitch announces affiliate program for thousands of game streamers to earn money. Ghost also discuss the Raiden Snake situation and pleads with the trolls to leave him alone! Your calls, Twitter/Gab shoutouts and Radio Graffiti .

Twitter: @PoliticsGhost @PoliticsGhost

Links: BlogTalkRadio, The Internet Archive, Download


The main subject matter of the show was around the fact that Nintendo over-prices and under-produces its game consoles and talking about viable alternatives such as the Raspberry Pi. The show title was confused by Ghost multiple times for True Capitalist Radio, causing various instances of self-cans.wav.

During Shoutouts, there were a few names related to RaidenSnake and DistillingCapitalist. The only instance of cans during Shoutouts was caused by the name "The Yellow Slut of Texas".

During Radio Graffiti, a Cleveland caller was one of the first to be called up, much to Ghost's irritation. This caused him to go on a tirade, hanging up all Anonymous callers and eradicating a large amount of trolls. Ghost promised a reward free Bitcoin to anyone who doxed the Cleveland Caller, and also accused InsaneEnergy of being the one behind the Cleveland calls.

After the Cleveland Caller caused Ghost to go on a tirade, Ghost smoked the rest of the THC from the 4/20 episode to calm his nerves. A significant portion of the show was dedicated to a discussion between multiple Inner Circle callers, including RaidenSnake and a Masked Pony impersonator (Escalators420) who Ghost became convinced was real whereby the trolls apologized to each other for the events of the previous episode. Ghost nearly quit the show before rejecting challenges to fight from multiple Twitter users (including Twilie Atkins), but continued to do Radio Graffiti.

During Radio Graffiti, Nightprowler played a splice of Ghost being poisoned by cupcakes. Twilie Atkins played a splice of Ghost insulting his wife. The African Booty Scratcher played a splice of Ghost giving him oral sex. 8Equal collaberated with Tison Rockit to play a pro-Engineer parody of Harry Belafonte's "Jump In The Line". Someone played a remix of Ghost saying "It's raining apples". Someone gave the Ghost the link to a fake FurAffinity account for RaidenSnake. The "Bunny Ghostler" troll made a comeback, as well as Satanic Ghost. ThatChickenHead played a splice of Ghost shooting his granny. 8Equal called in again with a splice of Tamina The Trap raping Ghost's granny. Various midget-related splices were played. A robotic version of Alex Jones was played. Someone called in saying that he is sniffing glue. DistillingCapitalist called in playing a My Dick Band song. Mickey Mouse returned to huff paint. Finally, Tub Guy called in saying that he spent his tax return on Mountain Dew and hentai, ending the show with Ghost raging.

This episode was considered to be the second worst episode of the SNTS, second only to the April Fool's show, due to there not being a lot of Radio Graffiti calls.


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