Saturday Night Show Episode 9

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Broadcast Number: 9

Broadcast Date: Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Description: Ghost is NOT DEAD! Ghost goes over why he took a 2 day sabbatical from the Internet. Ghost discusses the child abuse allegations of YouTuber DaddyOFive & the state of Social media on society. Ghost gives his thoughts on the difference of celebrities and e-celebritites. Your calls, Twitter/Gab shoutouts and Radio Graffiti!

Twitter: @PoliticsGhost @PoliticsGhost

Links: BlogTalkRadio, The Internet Archive, Download


At the start of the broadcast, Ghost was upset due to people wondering if he died during his unannounced two-day absence, along with Trumpin worrying more about his 20 dollars instead of Ghost's life. Ghost called up Trumpin, who admitted to it and making Ghost more angry. During Shoutouts, Ghost was hit with more squirrel names, as well as Trumpin-related names.

A price comparison of Ghost and Twilie's merch,

Ghost launched Saturday Night Troll show merch, and ranted at Twilie for criticizing it, leading to Twilie posting an amended version of the shirt. Twilie (by popular demand) went on to sell her own Troll Show merch, asking people to also buy Ghost's merch, but donating the profits of her merch to a charity supporting war veterans, It is unknown at this stage what Ghost's reaction to this was. Twilie later confirmed on Twitter that people have purchased her merch.

During Radio Graffiti, some of the callers were failtrolls, and parts of the segment were taken up by Ghost's ramblings, notably one on white supremacy that lasted for more than twenty minutes, and it happened when 8Equal played a Tell Me Lies splice of Donald Trump. Twilie Atkins played audio of her doing a prank call. Someone played a Samurai Jack splice. Scarlet Moon and 8Equal played a splice of Duke Nukem killing RaidenSnake. J-Man tried to play a splice, but Ghost quickly hung up on him. However, J-Man still managed to troll Ghost by playing two Mid-Show Splices of him as a parrot. Two perverted splices of Ghost were played. Pylons brought back the Midget Ghost troll, along with Ghost wanting God to kill RaidenSnake. Boat called in twice with insta-remixes, including a remix of Ghost imitating a tuba. Someone imitating Kermit the Frog played a splice of Ghost killing his granny. 8Equal and Striver played a splice of Tamina driving the Short Bus and causing Mrs. Ghost to have a car crash. Someone called in pretending to be Raiden advertising "Goyumco". A splice of Ghost shooting Stevie Ray Vaughan was played. DistillingCapitalist called in huffing paint, much to Ghost's anger. Nightprowler ended the show with a "Squirrel Fisting" splice. There were 21 cans in this episode.


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