Saturday Night Troll Show

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It’s the Saturday Night, Saturday Night, Saturday Night, TROLL SHOOOW!


Current logo used in the 2019 YouTube broadcasts.
SNTS logo, designed by KaraszKun used in merchandise that was sold during the original run of the show in 2017.

The Saturday Night Troll Show is a True Capitalist Radio spinoff show hosted by Ghost that, as the name implies, is purely focused on trolling. Unlike regular broadcasts, Ghost only broadcasts the Saturday Night Troll Show on Saturdays.


Ghost had plans about cancelling Radio Graffiti on his show entirely as early as 2012, but he never actually started bringing these plans into fruition until Capitalist Episode 459 when he decided to hold a contest in the form of autograph sales about the fate of Radio Graffiti. The rules of the contest were that if Mr. Fortune Cookie autographs sold more, Radio Graffiti would stay, while it would be removed if Mr. Optimism autographs sold more. Ultimately, Mr. Optimism was victorious and the end of Radio Graffiti was made official. However, the decision about removing Radio Graffiti sparked outrage from the community and allegations began to rise that the whole competition had been rigged from the start in an attempt to milk more money from trolls desperately attempting to keep Radio Graffiti on the show. It was also later alleged that the Arab Prince had interfered by purchasing 100 Mr. Optimism autographs at the last minute. In response to these allegations as well as the high sales of Mr. Fortune Cookie autographs, Ghost decided to make a compromise between trolls and serious callers by leaving only 10-15 minutes for Radio Graffiti on regular broadcasts and creating a separate weekend broadcast completely dedicated to trolling. Many trolls accepted the compromise, though as the show has gone on some have complained about Ghost wasting too much time before getting to shoutouts and Radio Graffiti.

While the move seems to have placated Serious Callers while minimizing the anger of the trolls, it has done little to (as Ghost originally intended) reduce his own stress from dealing with the trolls. Ghost has continued to rage at Twitter and Gab shoutouts and at the reduced Radio Graffiti during regular episodes, and even harder at the concentrated trolling on the Saturday show. Ultimately, cans.wav counts for the episodes after the removal of Radio Graffiti are comparable to those from before.

Two year hiatus

The final episode of the Saturday Night Troll Show aired on May 6th, 2017, with Ghost putting both True Capitalist Radio and the Saturday Night Troll Show on indefinite hold. While True Capitalist Radio returned on October 31st, 2017, little is known of the future of the Troll Show, with Ghost contemplating scrapping it all together and creating some form of gaming livestream or Let's Play to replace it. With Radio Graffiti not being a part of the main show anymore as of May 2018, some trolls have suggested reintroducing this show in some form to suffice the trolls interest, however Ghost has shunned these ideas, stating that he no longer wants to be "entertainment for tards". Ghost initially suggested on Episode 574 that he would put up a video to decide if people wanted the Troll Show to come back, however its cancellation was further solidified when Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts were cancelled all together after a brief return in June 2018.

The return

On December 31st, 2018, Ghost had brought back a similar show called The Ghost Show, and made both Radio Graffiti and Shoutouts a regular part of the show again. With the ongoing troll tensions, some listeners suggested that Ghost bring back the SNTS, which he is unsure on doing.

During Spring 2019, Ghost promised a possible return of the Saturday Night Troll Show. With Ghost wanting to use a new gaming computer he bought and do a streaming of him playing games. Along with him beating other known let's players such as DarkSydePhil. With Ghost's week long absence from food poisoning after the 42nd episode of the Ghost Show, the future of the Saturday Night Troll Show was in limbo until Ghost revived the show on April 20th, 2019. However, unlike in the 2017 broadcasts. Airings of the Saturday Night Troll Show have been more infrequent. With some shows even airing one episode in one month. Along with an entire month of no episodes of the SNTS when Ghost took a hiatus in October-early November 2020. Which has led many listeners wondering if Ghost should just cancel the show or show up on time. It is currently unknown if the Saturday Night Troll Show will air any more episodes as Ghost claimed on 205th episode of The Ghost Show that he "Doesn't have many Saturdays left". Despite the claim Ghost aired an episode of SNTS the following Saturday. The Saturday Night Troll Show later returned with the 51st episode airing on November 14, 2020. This return later was short lived due to Ghost having another hiatus making the 52nd episode of SNTS the most recent episode. Leaving the show in limbo again. Ghost aired the 53rd episode of the SNTS, after Ghost returned from his December hiatus in late March 2021.

The Rise of The Spontaneous Sunday Show and Second Fall of the Saturday Night Troll Show

Spontaneous Sunday Show title card

On May 1, 2021, Ghost started having problems during Episode 56 of the Troll Show. Which caused Ghost to make a make-up show the following Sunday. With the name Spontaneous Sunday Show despite being a part of the SNTS. On May 22, 2021, Ghost decided not to do a SNTS show but instead a show the following Sunday. Due to Ghost wanting to rest on Saturday. These Sunday shows would become more frequent throughout the year (despite the name) due to Ghost postponing it from severe as heavy weather to as mild as watching UFC matches or sleeping on Saturday. This has drawn backlash from listeners claiming Ghost is lazy for not showing up on Saturdays. The Sunday broadcast would be official on June 18, 2021 with Ghost announcing additional broadcasts on Fridays and Sundays. Which left the Saturday Night Troll Show to being cancelled again.,