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What his list might look like.

The Shitlist refers to two lists relating to True Capitalist Radio.

The first one is a supposed list that is being created by Ghost, the host of the True Capitalist Radio broadcast. Ghost has been known to Tweet videos he finds on YouTube and claims to add them to his shitlist. It is presumably the opposite, reputation-wise, of the Ring of Honor.

Even though the items on the shitlist and their uploaders are possible future victims of Punitive Damages, getting shitlisted is generally regarded as a great achievement by many remixers and splicers.

Ghost has been compiling this list for a couple of years now. There is no evidence of him actually having successfully removed any of the videos (some have been pulled by DMCA claims).

In 2019, Ghost has compiled a new list of the people who troll his new show The Ghost Show after several trolls pushed him into actually compiling one.

Items on the first shitlist

Remixes marked with * have been deleted

Date Video
2011-08-23 Alex S. (feat. Ghost) - Melting Pot of Alcohol
2011-08-29 Alex S. (feat. Ghost) - Melting Pot of Alcohol (The Living Tombstone's Remix)
2011-08-29 Alex S. (feat. Ghost) - Melting Pot of Alcohol (Gigglin' Mix) (NoizyBrony)*
2011-09-04 DJAlexs - Melting Pot of Alcohol (TBP Remix)*
2011-10-04 Ghost - O Christmas Tree
2011-11-01 Minty Fresh Capitalism
2011-11-16 Inspector Hambone/Ghostie - Shitlist Edition
2011-12-06 Ghost's Bike Is Stolen
2011-12-16 Night before Ghostmas
2011-12-18 Exclusive excerpt from Ghost's charity single to raise funds for his treatment
2012-01-13 Ghost ft. the trashmen: the aids Ghost ft. the trashmen*

The Number List

Ghost manages another Shitlist relating to the broadcast with less notoriety, but still prevalent to him personally. If a stupid caller gets on Ghost's nerves after failing a call or attempts to troll him during the News Commentary section of his broadcast, then there is a probable chance of Ghost taking down the caller's number (the BlogTalkRadio studio shows your entire number when you a call a show) and adding it to his gigantic ''list'' of such callers that he may later revisit, or threaten to dox them, should they try to troll him again. Many listeners like to tempt Ghost with such an addition, saying that it is illegal for him to release their numbers, or that they don't care if he logs them and will eventually forget.

Ghost often calls back these numbers during special broadcasts like Ghostmas, or in Paltalk chats. Many trolls have expressed great anger or concern once this happens, and generally will back off from Ghost afterwards. Others have needed a little coaxing to finally give in. In most cases, Ghost just says the full phone number immediately after perpetrators hang up or refuse to allow Ghost to call them back.

Note that *67, 'Area Code 111' and Google Hangouts callers cannot be traced, or recorded by Ghost, so if anonymity is a concern to any upcoming troll with interest in harassing Ghost, then 111, a Skype name or Anonymous is the safe way to go.

Examples of callers added to the Number List
Name Reason for addition Result
417 / NSM88 Trolled Ghost and called frequently since June 2011 with calling him a Jew and being overblatantly racist on the broadcast. Ghost called his mother during the Christmas episode, and embarrassed him. He stopped calling in January 2012, much to everyone's glee.
Area Code 315 A young child who made very perverted statements to Ghost and caused him much pain in July 2011. Ghost would no longer allow the child to run rampant on his show and took his number down and gave the New York child care services a call live on the air. He disappeared shortly afterwards.
Where's Kira Two young children called Ghost's show in February 2012 and failed numerous calls, and angered the Capitalist Army when they ruined a Cluster Call. Ghost gave out orders to dox the two, and they were swiftly brought to justice in a short series of calls done on Paltalk, in which it was proven that not only were the two kids obese, but that their entire family was overweight as well.
Various Failtrolls from 2011 Failing typical troll tactics, threatening Ghost without substantial proof, being racist, or having a fruity voice and talking trash to the entire show. Some were called back during Paltalk chats or on Ghostmas. One particular caller became upset since he was in the middle of a party with his family. Others recognize Ghost's voice immediately and start mocking him.
MaskedPony Ghost learning of his diaper-fetish My Little Pony fanfiction from a number of callers, then becoming irritated when he attempted to defend himself on air. Ghost went on a rant for more than ten minutes, including an impressive 14 instances of cans.wav. At the end of the rant, Ghost declared that MaskedPony was banned from the show before ragequitting.

The Ghost Show Shitlist

On July 18th, 2019, Ghost posted a new shitlist on his blog, after months of speculation and promising to post it. The list consists of individuals who he claims that aggriivate him nonstop on his show and has expressed how much he dislikes those on the list, claiming them to be in "hot water" with him, stating the list will grow if people keep doing what they're doing.

Note: Some of the names on the blog may be misspelled. Ghost has claimed the list is ever changing with new additional names.

These are the names that show up on the list:

  • Cans Abuser
  • Dark Meme Magician Girl
  • GhostsObamaWheelchair
  • Nickers
  • Cheesy Willie
  • Jackler
  • IFartForFood
  • GenoX1987
  • StMike/Goblin Coin
  • MundaneMatt
  • Moonman
  • evilmiera
  • BlackHat Inc
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov
  • TimMucuraev
  • Wena One Actual
  • Bonzi Buddy
  • Oliver Carswell
  • Wheelchair Jew
  • SpermyTheCat
  • SpermyTheButtHamster
  • Spermy Ghostini
  • Munky delarocha
  • Poley The Polar Bear
  • PookaDude42
  • Baka Survivor
  • Keemscarce
  • Guurak
  • nicoangel4558
  • Aesthetic
  • PylonsTCRVideos
  • Lavon Media
  • JahootieCapitalist
  • altayant
  • poindexterose15
  • synarchist
  • ennisturtle
  • lordcooler28
  • WheelyMcGhosterson
  • BahnDaten
  • XDang93
  • blueeyeswhitedragon
  • cloudzack
  • PSNParkerplace
  • berryblackberry
  • unlistedninja
  • ChrisAntiGhostler
  • Lightning Note
  • Nightprowler
  • Seriously Samsung
  • wheelsofredemption
  • ReverendShnar
  • System23
  • techencrypted
  • feministsocialist
  • Action Capitalist
  • hand_hanzo
  • Billy_FU
  • TX_History_Teacher
  • stevenstinkyverse
  • Asho
  • Zed_Commander
  • thisissparta789789
  • a_friendly_ medic
  • crazy4swazye
  • danny_gurz
  • theamericandream96
  • braindead lincoln
  • boat
  • HamsterRides
  • SwitchTheChannel
  • Mudkips
  • ShyGuyMask
  • Anal Sausages
  • misakay
  • Odd Eyes Magician
  • Mojo
  • the_number
  • Liz Porter
  • WanderingShows
  • D3ath8yBac0n
  • Clover
  • Internet Butt Stalker
  • Tub Guy